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  1. yeah im getting use dto anything preordered especially on collectable statues and figures,apprently the alita deluxe edition wont ship till later in year:( unlike the normal edition which is shipping,but im more peeved about waiting 4 prime 1/2 scale terminator to go with my terminator oneclick/maniacs collection
  2. mine arrive in adelaide ,australia yesterday,thanks to the crew from mediapsychos as well great work.now just another long wait 4 my prime 1 alita statue to arrive
  3. hi ,joined group buy for this,ive forgotten where i pay the $10 fee for noobs to secure my spot
  4. due to the good response i got from you ive just ordered 3box set and hardbox for alita,as filmarena dont bother responding to messages and you guys seem great ive jumped on board.Can you please explain a bit more about ordering from other retailrs to the gb organisers hub and how that works?Thanks again
  5. thanks for that,yeah i know how expensive FA shipping is,i got the t2 maniacs box set from them and was$240 aus plus another $130aus shipping lol
  6. thanks,may i ask a question and point in me in right direction,i want the alita triple set with hardbox ,what would the total postage roughly be to the hub/person doign gb on mp, and then onto me in australia,does it work out cheaper still than buyin directly from filmarena? thanks heaps

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