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  1. Hello from southwest Ohio. I love and collect all things film. My collection goes from Super 8 to 4k, and I champion movies releases from Arrow to Unearthed films and everything in between. I would consider myself mostly a gore hound, and while I keep a pretty diverse collection overall I would say a large percentage of it is horror related. I am also a sucker for bad movies. Nothing in this world entertains me more than 80's and 90's shlock cinema. I love the history of film and I think an important part of that is physical media, which is why I have spent over 25 years collecting it. I look forward to being part of what seems like a pretty cool community. Thanks!
  2. My brother and I have had connected usernames for years. I have always been Olaf Berserker and He has always been Steve Dave. This comes from our obvious love of Kevin Smith and lack of originaltiy. It has just kind of Stuck. My name comes from Clerks, Olaf is Silent Bob's cousin from Russia. The fella pictured for my avatar is John Henry Westhead, the actor who plays Olaf in Clerks. sings "Berserker". 37 comes from another famous line in the movie. Since me and the brother are giant fanboys and speak mostly in Clerks quotes with each other it seemed like the best choice.

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