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EFX Collectibles Star Wars Episode IV StormTrooper Helmet 1:1 Prop Replica

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Release Date - Available Now

Price - £189.95

Purchase Link - http://bit.ly/2qD1O7Z

Notes - 

A highly detailed StormTrooper helmet by EFX Collectibles. This helmet has been created by a cast created from an original screen used helmet from Star Wars Episode IV! It has been finished using the screen-used helmet for reference. The end result is a helmet that looks just like those used in the movie!

StormTrooper History

Fearless and unswervingly loyal to the emperor, Stormtroopers are the most recognized symbol of imperial might. Encased in white armour over a black bodyglove, Stormtroopers make up the bulk of Palpatine’s ground-based armies and the space-based imperial starfleet. Their fearsome looking helmets allow the soldier to breathe in the harshest of environments, including the vacuum of space, and are equipped with long range communications allowing these elite shock troops to be deployed with speed and efficiency to quell insurrections and maintain order across the many worlds of the empire.

StormTrooper Design

The distinctive design of the Stormtrooper was originally created by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie in 1975. McQuarrie designed several versions of the look of the empire’s general infantry. To ensure that your eFX Stormtrooper helmet retained all of the subtle nuances of the hand-sculpted original, EFX engineers digitally scanned and cast a surviving original helmet to recreate this iconic piece of Star Wars history.

There were only 6 known "Hero" helmets that were made for ANH. Up until now, only the whereabouts of 1 helmet was known. This helmet resides in the Lucasfilm archives. Unfortunately, it was missing some of the components including the lens. (that is why we supplied both green and grey lenses with our Limited Edition ANH Stormtrooper helmet in 2008 since there was no definitive reference picture of whether the lenses was green or grey). Then, just by chance and whole lot of luck! EFX found a second one owned by a private collector! This helmet was still in perfect condition with all of the components, including the lenses, foam padding and elastic straps! The helmet was in such original condition, that EFX were able to identify the helmet on screen!

Back in 1977, 2 complete sets of Stormtrooper armor were sent to the valley in the Los Angeles area to do some pick up shots. It is believed that one of the stormtrooper costumes was worn by Joe Johnston. Well, this is the "other" one.

Not only did this generous collector allow EFX to take extensive reference photos and measurements of the helmet, but he actually let EFX take the helmet apart and actually cast the inside to make our own molds! As many of you know, the original helmets were made by vacuum forming ABS over a male mold. Thus, by casting our mold of the INSIDE of the helmet, we have an exact duplicate of the original molds used. To our excitement, the helmet was simply held together with screws. If we came upon parts that were permanently glued together, we would have stopped since obviously, we did not want to take any risk of damaging this priceless prop!

This Stormtrooper helmet will not only replicate the original helmet in process, but all materials, as well.





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