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damn fooking cars.........

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goto get this off my chest, had my car in garage last year and had aload of stuff done spent about £1600

on changing the following, fair enough stuff wears out.

2 front suspension pans cos the bushes where wearing out

2 rear drop links (rear suspension)

new air conditioning pump and regas

2 new tyres


and maybe some other bits can't full remember


anyway discover one of the rear springs proctective coat coming away and getting worse and garage completely missed it bear in mind they did rear drop links which sit below the spring 🤬

anyway get a quote to buy and change springs both £138 all in fair enough, get a call from the garage can you come in we need to show you something!

get there all the bolts are siezed and bushes warn inside the arms under one of the bolts, long and the short of it it is cheaper labour wise to buy all new arms with the bushes already pressed in there hydraulically and all nuts and bolts so from being £138 now bill is looking a minimum of £400 as they going to have to cut alot of the bolts out with a saw etc and could be some more yet

im soo pissed right now its unbealieve, fooking cars i hate them at the moment.


and got a tonka toy car to drive till monday night now as well not fooking happy at all.

could have really done without all this crap.


basil 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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I sorned my Baby Last year @Basil . I know YOUR PAIN .



Breaks then New cluch , Welded fule tank 2 wheel bearings .

Then locking in 1st gear . Gear Link cables , wrong size from a Carolla not a Starlet . 5 weeks to hunt the cables fitted .


10 days locking in 1st again . Distraught.com 😱😱😞😞


20 years I carnt say the S word. 3 and 3/4 miles on the tachometer when got in that first time .  


We have a big blue 4 wheeled Garden Ornament 😁😊😊.


I jumped  and norowed it down to 3 I acctuly liked 


Test drove the 3 


1 winner .


A little Suzuki Swift . Black body white roof and mirrors called " Two Face " .


Weigh up your options as some deales to be had out thire ❤❤.


Whatever you decide I understand and know what you are going through and sending you LOVE 💋💋❤❤



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