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Prefix-Plain Media Psychos Plain Archive Award

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This is a part of my Plain Archive Collection:

* PA 005: I Saw the Devil
* PA 007: Zero Dark Thirty
* PA 019: A Most Wanted Man (x2)
* PA 030: Oldboy
* PA 037: Sicario (Sicario Steelbook) (x3)
* Plain Selective Exclusive: Terminator Genisys (x2)

Thanks a lot to Media Psychos!!!







khivansan - 'Plain Archive Collection' - Part.1 - 001.JPG

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What can I say about Plain Archive?  They have great stuff, and I love their customer service and amaray releases. I bought The Wrestler, Melancholia and Blue Is the Warmest color blind and direct from their site.  I feel that I’m one of the earliest supporters and still grab interesting things.  Hope that you enjoy this collection.




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Hey there @Steelbook Indy !

Absolutely gorgeous collection of PAs there!

Yeah, that particular edition of "Melancholia" is the definition of a collector's item at this time.

I'm not a huge fan of the film but did enjoy it and I think I know what Von Trier was going for.

PA usually seems to seek out more "off the radar" type films, which I'm happy to see.

I dearly hope they get "World War Z" off the ground in the near future.

Not sure what the hold-up is. "Rights" of some sort I'd imagine.

BZ Buddy!

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So one more award reinstated, this time a smaller one. Only 18 members got this one so far 😳


Well Done Bravo GIF by Friends


 @extantsrevenge @bearlol @capricornio34232 @pygospa @huseyin @Toapel @Grendel @cypheria078 @mr_wick @Digitale_Kunst @Benoit46 @khivansan @carphunter @B-bone @RhodW @Steelbook Indy @JF Thian @SteelWild


plain archive collector.gif


I hope we get a few more here, even when Plain is not really making any Steelbook releases, all the Plain editions work to get this award.

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19 hours ago, hal56 said:

Hi Nils @extantsrevenge,


this is my Plain Archive Collection:)



Congratulations for this really beautiful collection.


You have some of the most beautiful editions I've found. From those times when things were done more elegantly, taking more care of design; than the new times of industrial production sometimes, or in some retailers.


I have to stop one day to take my own photos for awards, and start with Plain Archive. I think it is a clearly undervalued retailer today; although it is also true that its level of releases and publications has changed a lot.


Especially those editions of "Paterson", "Incendies", "I saw the devil", "The Master" and "The Wrestler" are a must have in good taste.


The edition of "The Master" smells of elegance from all its corners, totally linked to the film. The full slip of "The Wrestler", as worn as the character himself, is beautiful, although not as beautiful as the spectacular and memorable steelbook hidden inside. That "I saw the devil" cover is pure elegance; while the one for "Incendies" is wonderful, it could be a large poster and will continue to be. Finally, the Paterson Deluxe Box is spectacular. Another must have. It is not easy to take care of an edition so much, to put so much love, and to be so generous when designing it.


That doesn't mean that the others you have are not beautiful, in fact I also have "I, Tonya", "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy", and "Rust and bones", I love them; but those five seem to me a milestone in what a collector's edition can represent and become in our hands.


Yes, congratulations. 

An award to be proud of.

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