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[Bunaldinho] Traditional & Digital Arts

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Hello psychos,

@Masterblaster was that kind and opened a new section for all your custom art and since @Scary Hair and @nefilim wanted to see some stuff of mine...

*Some are.. still just mockups; fun-projects; already in use; completely made by me including the used photos (Predator 2); mashups of existing artworks giving my personal note; inspiration-based covers of other arts/artists...

Digital Art:











Traditional Art:







Mixed Media



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@Bunaldinho thats why we love you so much ?


Those look awesome , cant wait until you get the time to show off other stuff ...

You definitly do have talent.

@Engelskind come on and show some of your good artwork !! 

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@Scary Hair

Stupid questions don't exist, only stupid answers ^^

I start with a possible reason. I didnt attend the kindergarten for a long time period, only a couple of weeks or maybe monthts. The teachers back then were lame. They were more interessted in smoking cigs and drinking coffee, than in teaching and playing with the kids. However, my mom take on the task and teached me all the stuff children should be teached in a kindergarten. Fine motor skills were one of the priorities and they of course mold and form your brain hemispheres. So I did pretty much handicrafts and drawing (if you wanna call it that way when you're a lil kid ^^) and you soon saw a progress. I never attend a art-school or class, only the typical school-lessons.

It's to owe my mom... !

But somehow the whole family is into "art". The genes are obviously to blame xD

My mom is a master-tailor, so she needed to do those fashion sketches, body shapes and more stuff, and she did a lot photographying. Dad is an old school car mechanic, did and do handicrafts in his sparetime. My uncle is the one who used to draw and paint on big canvas, but I just knew and saw his works hanging on my grandmas walls, I didn't learn of him.

Over time, when I grew up older, drawing was always the first hobby for me. From kid scribbling, over to comics, to portraits. In 2012, after a loooooong drawing break (guess 10 years?), I had a chit chat with an art-teacher, she told me that retouching is for people only who don't know how to move on with a drawing. Result? I started to check some vids on youtube about cross-hatching, I've used and knew about this technique before, but not for a complete piece of paper.

For now, it's THE technique for me!

At the moment I'm at a mixed media picture, crayons (polychromos) + fineliners + copic ciao makers (alcohol basked) - will show you, when its done. Possibly for sale...

To cut a long story short LOL

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19 minutes ago, Bunaldinho said:

Hello guys,

this was one of my recent projects and I'd like to offer it for sale here at first:

Paper: 24 x 32 cm (9,45" x 12,6") @ 125g Vang paper
Drawing: Mixed media (Pencil, Faber-Castell Polychromos, Copic Ciao Markers, Copic Fineliner, Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen)



I like it.



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vor 36 Minuten schrieb Bunaldinho:

Hello guys,

this was one of my recent projects and I'd like to offer it for sale here at first:

Paper: 24 x 32 cm (9,45" x 12,6") @ 125g Vang paper
Drawing: Mixed media (Pencil, Faber-Castell Polychromos, Copic Ciao Markers, Copic Fineliner, Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen)



Great Artwork @Bunaldinho

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