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Stand Out Collector Editions 2018

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It’s all a bit of a blur Ann 😁 Looking at some and trying to recall if it was 2017 or 2018 when they landed 😂


Here are the ones that spring to mind though....


1. Blufans Thor -  Ragnarok (Simply Stunning WEA Steelbook).

2. WeET Civil War (Thier first in this arena as a solo supplier, Best slips of any CW release, plus a cheeky WEA Steel thrown in for good measure).

3. Mantalab Ready Player One (Again, Stunning Steel & best title release in every department IMO).

4. Kimchi Atomic Blonde (What’s not to like about Charlize Theron’s face all over a WEA release?! 😂)

5. And finally a shout out to Zavvi, for Finally bringing us the first 3 seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in glossy Steelbook format.



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So many editions this year but IMO


1. The Greatest Showman Manta Lab One Click

2. Hacksaw Ridge KimchiDvd Boxset

3. Ready Player One Hdzeta Boxset

4. Coco Blufans One Click

5. Thor Ragnarok Blufans DL

BONUS : Pan's Labyrinth KimchiDvd Lenti (But not recieved yet)

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My favorite release of the year is not a Steelbook or Premium for a movie it is the complete Premium Boxset to my favorite Anime of all time


1: Legend of the Galactic Heroes Premium Boxset (more pictures here)




It is a little hard to do a ranking on the premiums and Steelbooks, as we had many great WEA Steelbooks and so many retailers delivering real quality releases.


Anyway, I really like Filmarena and they had some amazing stuff this year, especially when it comes to the WEA Steelbooks.


2: FAC Blade Runner 2049. Special mention WftPotA, my favorite movie of 2017 and I really hope FAC will release the other 2 parts as well as they promised. Also Deadpool 2 WEA Steelbook is awesome.


3: Blufans Thor Ragnarok is an amazing release.


4: HDZeta Blade Runner must be the coolest single release of the year. I'm always impresed by the Gold Label Series as well and I have the feeling next year TDK Trilogy will be very high on my list. I got WW in January but I guess it counts toward 2017. JL, RPO and SPR are all terrific.


5: Manta Lab suprised me a lot this year and I bought several releases, I was especially impressed by Ex_Machina and Ready Player One both are simply bearthtaking.




already 5 and I'm not yet finished.


6: Ghost in the Shell had two amazing releases this year. The Blufans Edition is awesome and the Leather Slip from UHD is simply beautiful.




7: WeET was off to a great start with Captain America Civil War 😍, but Kimchi was able to compensate the loss of the Marvel titles in their lineup with great releases. Especially Pan's Labyrinth.


8: and don't forget about the Glow-In-the-Dark Train to Busan Plain Archive release..... and so much more.


You see not that easy and I would say aside from number 1 the numbers of the others are depending on what you just look at 😂  An awesome year for collectors for sure.

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Wow... this is a tough one so I will categorise too!


Best One-Click = The Greatest Showman (Mantalab)

Best steelbook = Atomic Blonde (The Blu Collection/Kimchidvd)

Best Special Box = Hacksaw Ridge (Injoingan/Kimchidvd)

Best Scanavo Premium = Red Sorghum (WCL)

Best Lenticular = Blade Runner (HDzeta) [Can I say our very own MP Matrix lenti?]

Best Fullslip = Isle of Dogs (WeET)


As you guys can see, my list is biased as off-hand I can remember releases from the recent months better.

There you go. 


Hope to read yours :)




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The last year has brought some very awsome movies as well as their premium editions . So it´s hard to specificate my favorites.

But at least here they are.

1) A Quiet Place - Filmarena XL Fullslip

2) Wind River - KimchiDVD Special Boxset

3) WeET - Captain America - Civil War Lenticular

4) Ready Player One - Manta Lab Double Lenticular

5) Ex Machina - Manta Lab Lenticular

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