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hmv in trouble....

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thought people want to know this hmv in trouble maybe calling adminstrators,
i pray not dont need to loose another one


HMV on brink of second collapse in six years

Music retailer HMV is poised to enter administration for the second time in six years, a move that would affect 2,200 staff at more than 120 stores.

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On 12/28/2018 at 1:02 PM, ksosk said:

It is definitely not easy to maintain a storefront in this era for this trade.

HMV has moved out of majority of Asia countries.


i just read story hmv has to pay £15 million just in rent for all of its stores each year.

no wonder they got problems if they are having to pay that much rent.


i got bad feeling this may go the way of zavvi online only, think would be they only way the could begin to compete no matter how much we want a store.


i even had to cancel couple of pre-orders which i did not want to do but no way, i will end up out of pocket.

i would highly suggest anyone with christmas gift cards gets them spent quick and also any unspent points or they be down the drain too.


basil :)

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@ksosk you are so right , our thought should go to those who might be jobless due to this disaster and not only on ones self .  


@Basil I would think those who are renting the store space out would communicate with the HMV chain to find a possible rent reduction solution ... i would think less is better then none.  IF HMV closes those storefronts alot of Renters will be out of cash as well , this would be a great time for those with deep pockets to show some compassion and help them as well as their selves. 


Thanks for the information ,it is interesting for sure !


Take care



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I read the same 15 Million in rates each store 😞😞 .


I would hope that this second collapse like the first one will be stopped . 


The stores and staff are so helpful and friendly and go above and beyond to help customers 👍👊👊.


The business may move online to loose the shops on our already ailling UK High Streets will be another nail in our historic heritage 97 years of HMV .


The first 7 inch single Golden Brown = The Stranglers AND  LP CD  Queen A Kind Of Magic. Betamax  TAPE Raiders Of The Lost Ark  I baught At HMV Mansfield.  


I hope they can save as many jobs and stores as possible. 


The staff truly had no idea until the news broke Friday AM 😪😪




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Just been to hmv today. Staff said they know as much as us. There  not getting any new stock in though. Theye quite a lot of 4k content reduced. Got a couple of bargains. There no longer accepting the pure hmv loyalty card. Which im a.bit selfishly disappointed about as I nearly had enough points for £50 store credit 🤔 got this for £22 though. 


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