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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)


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12 hours ago, howarmat said:

Visual im sure this will be top notch but after seeing the final trailer today at the theatre its not the movie i was hoping.  I was hoping a little more mature themed but it doesn't look like it.  I will probably go see it still since the visuals alone will make it worth it

My thoughts excactly. Great visual can't save a movie.

Loved these comics as a kid.

...but I'm still hopeful.

Fingers crossed.

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5 hours ago, larson1977 said:

This is one of my 'Must See, Hope to Love'-Movie for this summer together with 'GOTG 2'. The trailer immediately gave me a 'The Fifth Element' flash-back feeling. I really hope Luc won't let me down... ;)

I know Fifth Element is loved. But I'm kinda torn. It's good and it's bad IMO. It could have been Awesome. A bit missed opportunity. For excample Gary Oldman was over the top, like many other characthers. Visuals great. etc etc ...

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Really enjoyed this film, but its definitely a leave your brain outside film. Luc has spent all his time making it look amazing, but forgot script, chemistry or acting. The film looks AMAZING!!!! and I will say this for all the 4K fanboys, this will look SH*T in 4K. This film exists for one reason and one reason only and thats Luc getting to play with 3D, and boy does he play, it absolutely destroys Avatar in the eye candy stakes, at points the depth is so good you feel like stepping in the screen and joining them. ABSOLUTELY SUPERB 3D. Unfortunately take the 3D away and its a 1 star film at best. It exists ONLY to be seen in 3D, because there is very little that can be said about the film when thats removed. Its exceptionally shallow, there is zero chemistry between the leads and the story is a total mess. But as a trip into what can be done with 3D it's lightyears ahead of any other 3D film I've seen and I seen hundreds.

Oh and yes Cara is HOT as always and LUSH in 3D

3.5/5 for the film in 3D

1/5 for the film in 2D/4K


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