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Das Grauen auf Schloss Witley (OT: Die, Monster Die!) (Wicked Vision Collector's Edition #19) (Blu-ray/DVD Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release : 14.09.2018

Link (Wicked Shop) Cover A, Cover B, Cover C

Price : €29,99

Limited : 444 (Cover A) + 444 (Cover B) + 222 (Cover C)


On September 14th, 2018 Wicked Vision Media released Daniel Haller's "Die, Monster, Die!" from 1965 with Boris Karloff and Nick Adams as number 19 of their "Wicked Vision Collector's Series" in three mediabooks with different cover artworks, featuring the official movie poster form Germany as Cover A limited to 444 copies, the official movie poster from Italy as Cover B limited to 444 copies and the official movie poster from the US+UK as Cover C limited to 222 copies. Covers A+B show the German title "Das Grauen auf Schloss Witley" (loosely translated 'The horror from castle Witley'), Cover C shows the international title.

The booklet has 44 pages featuring a 33 page reprint from the original comic book from 1965 in English language! The remaining 10 pages of the mediabook text are in German. First 100 preorders from the official shop got a hand numbered postcard. Movie is English-friendly, extras are however, not.

The site still reads August 17th as the release date; due to production problems Wicked Vision anounced via Facebook that the release will be postponed to September 14th.

From the shop site:



 FSK 16
Region: B / 2
Runtime: 80 minutes (uncut) / 76 minutes (uncut)
Aspect Ration: 2,35:1 (1080p) / 2,35:1 (anamorph)
Language: German, English
Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 / Dolby Digital 2.0 
Subtitles: German
Subtitles Specials features: German
Packaging: Mediabook
Discs: 2
Format: Blu-ray & DVD
Disc-Typ: BD-50 / DVD-9


  • 44-pages Booklet with a text by Dr. Rolf Giesen and the original film comic from 1965
  • Audio commentary by Dr. Rolf Giesen & Dr. Gerd Naumann
  • German title-sequence
  • German vintage-version (4:3)
  • Trailer
  • Photo gallery


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A few words on the quality (this is true for all Wicked Vision releases, so for future posts I will just copy this section over, if that's okey with you? I could also always just link to this post):

Wicked Vision strives on perfection, so most of their releases are commissioned by Wicked for a new transfer, new sampling or just remastering; some even argue that some of their releases have better quality than the Criterion ones. They also commission a exclusive new extras, such as audio commentaries or featurettes. They apply the same quality standards to their package - the Mediabooks are of the highest quality (similar to Capelight Pictures), thick hardcover exterior, the pages have stapled or sewed binding (vs. the cheap "glued in stapled booklet that ever so often falls out after a while), exclusive essays by leading movie experts and scientists (unfortunately only in German), nice artwork and strickt limitations. Once out of print, it's out of print - with only a select few of the titles getting re-released as Amaray, Futurepack or Hardbox. FSK rating seals, logos and advertising text on the front are always just printed on a detachable front cover card, that just lies on top of the actual cover without any glue, back cover is usually text-bearing (with up to now only one exception). There is no spine number, the belonging to the series is just denoted on the detachable front cover card, as well as on their website.

Due to the number of pages this booklet got a sewed binding. But what' the worth of all these words without any pictures? So here you go - unfortunately my package was damaged - I could not see any damage on the editions though (and they where pretty good wrapped up), but unfortunately underneath the cover card the damage is evident :( And, as you can see I chose the Cover A, simply because I loved it the most. Normally I always go for the original title artwork (if they offer it), but this time, the style and colors and overall atmosphere of the Cover A (the old German movie poster) was so much more to my liking than the monotone English one, that I overcame my disliking of translated movie titles :D And luckily I still get to enjoy the US/UK artwork, as I was the 33rd to preorder, so I got a numbered postcard with that artwork as gift :)

Enjoy! :)


@Admiral Thrawn I tried to mimic your addition to my post - hope like this the format is ideal?

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  • Admiral Thrawn changed the title to Das Grauen auf Schloss Witley (OT: Die, Monster Die!) (Wicked Vision Collector's Edition #19) (Blu-ray/DVD Mediabook) [Germany]
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@pygospa I hope more members will check out your posts, they are a great addition to the site. We want to promote all kinds of packages here on MP but most of the time it's still all about Steelbooks. Also I just awarded you the 100 post award. Congratulations ?

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Here is a re-upload of the pictures I took a while ago, that got lost. I've also like to link to the trailer for anyone not knowing the movie:

Last but not least, maybe you, @extantsrevenge or someone else of the admin team could edit my initial post to replace the "fetch?id=22672" with the picture that used to be in that position? It's this image that I used there as an overview for the different covers available:






So here are the photos that used to be in the other post:













Edited by pygospa
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^^ Thanks again @pygospa for re-uploading the pics!  🤭

VERY much appreciated and has doubled my excitement for receiving my treasures!

Oh; my German is not too bad for reading actually, having lived 5 years in Germany and my wife and I were the only Canadians in our village! heh. 🙂

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