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Steelbook Addict Saying Hello!


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Hi all!


Thought I would introduce myself and share how I got into collecting steelbooks.


It started when I was out of town visiting a Best Buy. I saw the Dark Knight and Batman Begins on Blu-Ray on sale in some neat collectible packaging. I decided to hoard these and brought them back home from my trip.

Years pass and I got a few steelbooks from collectors editions of video games and movies I wanted at the time. I picked up the Ant Man 3D Steel because it was only a few bucks more.


I stumbled on the /r/steelbooks on reddit and fell in love the the Blade Runner and IT steelbooks. I had just got a 4k player and I didn't know there was a whole world to steelbooks! I just keep tabs on the reddit until I came across actual steelbooks IRL at Best Buy, the first being The Incredibles in 4k. I collected as many Best Buy steels that went on sale and hunted down some other ones whenever I could. Visiting Best Buys were already a hobby for me but now I had something to look for each time.


I got hooked when I got a BR2049 4k and IT Steel the same day because someone mentioned Restocks! I have been collecting Best Buy steels until I realized there were more art work and different steels in different regions. I got even more excited to learn Zavvi had Disney/Pixar Blu rays that had 3D and were Region Free! No shipping cost to the U.S. Made it cheaper to obtain from online than In-store, and it was steelbook with a 3D copy!


From there, I started looking on eBays for my first premium. I got the Kimchi FullSlip for Inside Out used but man I was blown away by the quality. I heard of group buys at the time but never knew how to participate in one. Research and looking for premiums led me to here!


I'm excited to be around you guys and share the love for Steelbooks, thanks for the welcomes!

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Hi @Akutober thanks so much for telling us a little bit about yourself. There are so many great releases from everywhere in the world, so I'm happy that you found out about these and about Media Psychos. We have all the latest info and the best Group Buys in the world, so I'm sure you will be able to discover more cool items for your collection here. Hope you enjoy your stay ?

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