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Never been here before...

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20 hours ago, Masterblaster said:

would you like to share a little something about your self , you likes in regards to Steelbooks, how many you have collected to date, maybe let us know when you started collecting and why ?

Thanks alot 


Hey John, long time no speak!

A little about me...hmmm...

I think of myself as a bit of a collecting purist; I only buy films that I like and only ever a single edition of it (if there's more than one edition, I get the one I like most - generally steelbooks, but not always), which I open to watch. Having them sealed on a shelf baffles me, but accept that some people like to do weird stuff like that ;)

Collection - probably a couple of hundred, of all sorts. I've lived in my current house for nearly 4 years and I still have boxes of movies that I've got to open...I just have nowhere to put them, so they're in the loft.

Collecting - I've always collected something and I've always leaned towards the collectors editions. Before it was generally done, I used to buy and sell movies and music from all over the world, to all over the world. I still have a load of DVD editions that I need to sell, but again, finding the space to sort and the time to do is easier said than done.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now. Until next time...

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15 hours ago, Darogal said:

:hi: and :hello: Welcome to MP 2.0


15 hours ago, Benoit46 said:

Welcome @satanclaus !  


14 hours ago, residentevil said:

Welkome @satanclaus


Thanks all!


13 hours ago, psychoscot said:

Hey hey welcome, good to see you here sir! 


Thanks, not been on for a while!


12 hours ago, nefilim said:

Hello @satanclaus tho you may be new here, I have a gut feeling we've met ... LOL ... Welcome ! 1f44d.png


Nooooooooooo, you must be mistaken! :P


14 hours ago, Scary Hair said:


FANTASTIC to see you here 1f60a.png1f49e.png1f49e.png 7c23ca5f.gif.e164924dd7be8296799536140fee4e0b.gif.8848ccf8d128ac4366482c17ac17c562.gif .

HOPE you have fun messing up the place , I know I have 1f49e.png1f49e.png .

TAKE YOUR Pick on where you want to lodge The Asylum is OURS 590c1fddafe80_download(1).jpg.9927f4c9b54c6335b4f68db4a18dd4f1.jpg .


Hey you, thanks! :D


15 hours ago, larson1977 said:

welcome @satanclaus !

maybe some collectors here can help you getting the magic #666 :CLINDOEIL:


You think you know me...oh, wait...it seems you do. Yes, have your #666's ready for me! ;) 

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