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Show us all your latest Group Buy or other receptions (Steelbook..Digibook ... Digipack ... Collectors ...)

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Monday’s incoming steels.


John Wick 3 -Parabellum OC (NovaMedia)

Another JW 2 but with 2 exclusive replica coins.

Yet another JW3 but from France showcasing another Continental tin collectors card.

Casino- Best Buy 

Carlitos Way- From where:?

Valerian - Amazon France version

The Daniel Craig Collection - SB. Didn’t know this came out as a SB until I found it sold out on BBY website. eBay purchase. 









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Many thanks to you two my friends @RAK and @CAYENNE-FAHRER for sharing this reception with us and especially for making us discover it after opening

that's really nice of you :wow:

Le 17/11/2019 à 02:47, RAK a dit :

Finally got my Nova Media John Wick One-Click, And My Blufans Spider-Man into the Spiderverse 1/4 Slip Fanbox.










Le 18/11/2019 à 12:57, CAYENNE-FAHRER a dit :
New arrivals of the last days


Spider-Man - Far From Home / Germany 2D by Cede pimped with front & back Back Cover Magnet


Seven - MantaLab DL thanks HUB / Thomas

Aquaman FAC - DL thanks Andrè aka forum hare

Anna - FR thanks raylight / Daniel for ordering


Spider-Man Into The Spider-verses Blufans Fan-Box

here I only got the box without Steelbook was a snapper, have the German Steelbook tricked with cover magnet


John Wick Chapter 1 - 3 4K Box No. 0175/1000 thanks Nils

I would like to host a steelbook here, but I do not have an inlay for 6 discs,

if someone has 1ns please report, thanks











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I have some free time today 🤣🤣🤣 

Many thanks my friend @Benoit46 for all the work done and especially for making us very happy at the reception of each arrival which are of course impatiently awaited 😘😘😘

Without forgetting the Team with all these members who do a great job to fill us with joy, thanks to all you are great 🥰🥰🥰


John Wick Chapter 3 OC + 1/4 - thanks @airwins The Tracking Specialist 👍

Gangs of New York OC + 1/4 - thanks @airwins The Tracking Specialist 👍

Gladiator OC - thanks Benoit

SpiderMan Far From Home OC - thanks Benoit

Avengers EndGame SMLIFEthanks Benoit

The Wandering Earththanks Benoit


Many thanks my loulou @Benoit46 🤣🤣🤣 


For the rest of the purchases on Zavvi and Ebay 


Avengers Endgame - 4K and 3D

Hugo Cabret 

The Guardians of the Galaxy and Pet Slip 

Spider-Man: Far From Home - 4K






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2 minutes ago, bearlol said:

Mail call today!!! 👍

Bought on Ebay, since I forgot to order it on Mediapsychos, the ball and chain I am at times 🤣🤣🤣

Black Panther OC Blufans 




@bearlol my friend, this is a very nice OC is it not (I also have it 😊)?


... BTW do you open all your beauties? 🤔

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Received this today from Everythingblu. BluPack 003: Casino Blu-ray 4K+BD SteelBook EverythingBlu Exclusive and came in mint condition.. very happy with it.. and checked out on www.steelbookcentral.com for a protective cover and the SCF11 protective case will hopefully fit when I measured the case.


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Many thanks the Team and all these members who do a great job to fill us with joy at every reception and to make our eyes shine 🤣🤣🤣

This one I was really curious about the result, it's really wonderful :wow:

Captain Marvel Fanatic Selection - thanks @airwins The Tracking Specialist 👍



For the rest of the purchases on Ebay and EverythingBlu


Man of Steel 3D Manta Lab

Coco OC  Blufans

The Hateful 8 Hmv

Collector Watchmen 

Casino EverythingBlu



Buy on Theory 11

Luxury Edition "Playing Card"- Laser Etched Wood Box Set 



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