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@pygospa :wow: another absolutely awesome entry. I'm really sad that I already bought the single Steelbooks for 129,- € way back ? Maybe I should still get the box, it is so cheap. Great to read that you also like DS9 so much, I love that Series and I'm really sad that we don't have a Blu-ray release yet ?

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#511 | CZ | Gladiator | Steelbook (FAC #98) 

EAN: -
Release date: May 16th, 2018
Region Code: free
Paid: 56,26€

Next package with four movies is powered by my dear friend @forenhase. This way just to let you know: Everything arrived totally perfect in excellent condition, as it's always with your super secure packaging. Thank you very much once more! Four fullslips, never got so many in one package :D

And the first one and therefore the one I waited longest for is Gladiator. I was pretty excited when hearing that they'll do a Gladiator edition, because Gladiator is one of the few movies I did not yet come around to get on Blu-ray, meaning I still only own it on DVD, and a really old DVD that is, as it was one of the first movies I got. As you can see on the pictures, the spine even bleached out from the sun. Now, I was looking for an replacement early on, but I did not find anything I like. In Germany, there is the 1st edition steelbook which has a white artwork (that I do not find fitting to the general atmosphere of the movie at all), which fulfills all the typical steelbook design sins of that time (2009). Then there was a special packaging called Golden Disk Edition which is ugly as ****. I don't believe anybody bought these things - I once saw one of those (for another movie! yes there is a whole series of movies packaged like that) at Müller for 3,99€ and I was contemplating about it, but decided that it still was too much for something so ugly and also so cheaply made, so I left it there. Then there was the 100th Aniversary edition, wich basically is the same as the 1st pressing only with the blue banner replaced by a dark blue "100th Anniversary Edition" banner - not that much better. An then of course there is the Reel Heroes Steelbook Edition. I do actually like that series of steelbooks, and I am planing on getting them some day. But to me, that's just an addition; it's neat to have, but it does not do most of the movies justice. For Gladiator I would like to have an edition that reminds me of Gladiator.

So, how about internationally? All above listed editions are actually WWA steelbooks, so it's basically the same everywhere. Up to now the only decent release I witnessed was by HDZeta and I did not get it, because I never actively looked for HDZeta, and I never got into those (I actually probably don't want to, because in the end I'll end up getting more premium editions to collect, and I am already collecting so many things).

And then Filmarena announced and I was happy and confident even before I saw any pictures. Now, to be totally honest, my enthusiasm was thwart a bit after reading that it will be a 4K UHD release (and in the very first moment it wasn't even clear, if there was also a BD or if it was a 4K only). I like how Filmarena made it optional on so many releases, but I surely hope that those times they didn't will stay exceptions. I imagine that they probably did not have any chance - and let's face it, we probably wouldn't have gotten this release if it wasn't for the newly pressed 4K UHD now, would we? So for me, the occasional edition is alright - I can live with that. However, if they'd do this all the time, I couldn't pay that kind of money anymore. I have my magical border at 50€/edition. I do cross this occasionally. But that's just it: occasionally. Not always. With the frequency that Filmarena is producing I couldn't hold up paying next to 60€ per release instead of next to 40€. So let's hope that all the next releases will be regular priced fullslips without forced 4K UHD.

I still wanted it, and obviously also got it. And I am really thrilled:


The fullslip itself is gorgeously done, with thick gloss varnish on all the metal parts, both front and back. The pictures are perfectly chosen (the back side is the old German DVD cover, the front is what HDZeta used for their one-click boxset, only that this time it's not wrapped around one corner. I really love this, it just looks perfect. Inside we get three components: A booklet, a folder with large postcards and the steelbook itself. The 36p booklet looks different to other Filmarena releases, and this is somewhat neat, because they for instance use Roman numerals which I like, and the paper looks a bit like marble - it's an overall pretty antique feeling the design conveys. However, picture wise I prefer the old style because with this booklet the pictures are so small, one could have left them out all together.

The folder for the cards has a nice design, and the cards are really excellently done. Good scene selection, nice colors and the back side is absolutely awesome. Not only do we get the white cover artwork of the German 1st edition steelbook, which I think looks perfect as a back artwork. We also get a signature by director Ridley Scott, and that looks really neat together with the artwork. I really love what they did here.

The most important part however is the steelbook. The lenticular magnet is absolutely perfect. We get a nice parallax 3D effect that I looks really good - you need to know I usually hate lenticular covers by Filmarena. In my collection thread on the German forum I literally always complained about those. So here they must be doing a really great job :D However subject-whise I found what they chose to do a bit boring. Why not have the Gladiator in a fighting scene in 3D? Pointing his sword towards you, screaming, ready to run towards you? In great 3D lenticular this would look awesome.

The steelbook is a new WWA steelbook that you can also buy separately from Zavvi, or on Amazon from France, Spain or Italy; and even Germany. So if you only like the steelbook you wouldn't need to get this FAC (which by the way is already sold out. At 600 copies limitation this was sure to happen rather sooner than later, unfortunately). It looks really great, it is a matt metallic finish with gloss varnish on the subjects of the pictures, and title debossing. It looks absolutely gorgeous, a decent front artwork. The back artwork is a bit repetitive though. I would have liked some more diverse pictures, e.g. I think Joaquin Phoenix is playing an excellent role as well, and I would have loved seeing him somewhere in the artwork. I for instance totally love the scene with Commodus holding out his fist, wanting to point the thumb down, but fighting against his desire because the audience is cheering for the Gladiator; this is a so powerful scene, with absolutely great acting by Phoenix - it would have deserved a place and I believe it would have looked perfect on the back of the steelbook - maybe even make them face each other when you open the steelbook.

Another critique I have is regarding to the inner artwork. I love colors, I don't get why people would want monochromatic pictures if they could have colors. Please use colors! This is a great scene they chose for the inner artwork, it would have popped so much more, if it was for colors.


But other than that, I am really and truly happy. It's probably the best release out there - I looked at some unboxings of HDZeta and wasn't too thrilled about it. This one on the other hand is a real beauty and to the point of what Gladiator is. Really happy to having this in my collection!

IMAGE 2018-06-23 10:23:28.jpg

IMAGE 2018-06-23 10:23:33.jpg




















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1 minute ago, forenhase said:



Da es sonst zu etwas Unruhen führen kann.....will ich mal deinen Preis korrigieren! Bezahlt hast du ca. 62€!


Grüße und Danke für die Bilder und Vorstellung.

Das ist natürlich richtig! Ich schreib eigentlich immer nur den Originalpreis laut Webseite hier hin, darauf sollte ich das nächste mal natürlich hinweisen. Da kommen natürlich noch (individuelle) Versandkosten, etc. drauf!

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Am 22.6.2018 um 21:29 schrieb pygospa:

I still wanted to get them, but not for 20€ per steelbook, as they where sold in the beginning. And even for 12€ - 14€ it was too much for me. Because even that would add up to 120€-140€, which in no way matches the value of the product. I wanted them to reach a price below 10€, I would have bought them for 9€, I hoped for something like 7€ in a special offer (Media Markt sometimes does that - for instance I got Rush Hour 1-3 for 7€ each, and even the beautiful Star Wars steelbooks where sold by Media Markt for 9,99€). But then, all of the sudden, a guy that I follow on social media, who is probably best known for his YouTube unboxing channel Michas Filmwelt (unfortunately only in German), informed us that there was a special offer for a box set of these steelbooks that I did not know even existed. The cheap online reseller "Media Dealer" had them for 55€. And with those steelbooks also came a t-shirt and a pin. So, depending on how you want to look at it, you'd either pay 5,50€ per steelbook and get a free t-shirt + pin, or you could assign a value to those: it's a good quality "Fruit of the Loom" shirt with good printing quality, so I think 10€ would still be a steal, and for the pin and box (as well as an additional bag I got) probabply 5€. That makes 40€ left for 10 Steelbooks, i.e. 4€ per steelbook. Either way: this is a steel and I had to get it.


Here @Micha's Filmwelt ... @pygospa mentioned your great tip

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I haven't been active here in the past months, because of work, then vacation, and something else I've been doing in my free-time: Finding a new online database to organize my collection with (after having lost the database at bluray-disc.de).

I found blu-ray.com as a nice alternative, especially because you can add your additions as well and you can correct mistakes, upload better pictures, etc.

Two thirds of my collection was automatically added via EAN-Codes, which was pretty neat. But the last third did either not have a EAN, or it was still missing, because a lot of my movies are German editions and blu-ray.com is still rather US based.

But finally all my movies are in the DB. So if you are interested in what to find at my home, you can look through that list - if there is any edition that you are interested in, please ask - for at least half of my movie collection I have detailed pictures (which I always take when something new enters my home), and I am happy to share them with you here, if you are interested :)

Here's the collection: pygospa @ blu-ray.com

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Life-sign: sorry for inactivity and my January movie and protective update


Hey guys - as the heading reads: First of all sorry for not being so active here the past months. The last half year was really busy for me and even though it was so busy I was still spending a lot of time with movie stuff and movie collections. So, on the one side I had a new job and together with another "side-job" a lot of time was consumed. Still a lot of my leisure time I spend writing posts (which also made my girlfriend angry at me). If you remember, last I was spending a lot of time writing "historical" posts for German mediabook releases by the major mediabook companies that I love to collect (Wicked Vision, Anolis, Capelight, Birnenblatt) - I was doing it here as well as on another platform - and to put it short: "I fell flat on my face", as we Germans use to say (not sure if the translation is right, though - the German saying is 'auf die Nase fallen', to fall on one's nose). I had a large number of articles that I've written for that other platform in German (entire Capelight collection which were 50 posts, Wicked Vision which where around 20 posts and Anolis Hammer mediabooks which where also around 20 posts), and I've started translating them into English to also publish them here - this is what I was doing when I've started writing posts like this one, and all the others in the mediabook section. I've put a lot of research time into these posts and it was really time-consuming collecting the data, writing the entries, taking pictures where I haven't already taken some (I usually try to take them whenever I get something new, but lot of times I also just don't have the time). And then of course after having written them, I copied them to this forum and translated them to English. I was looking forward to copying all the posts, so I could have provided ~90 posts also to this forum. Then however, this platform got closed, thanks to another German platform, which many German collectors learned to hate during the last year (which is also why so many of us have landed here :D ). And all my posts? Forever gone :(

I was really pissed, as you might imagine. This, plus trouble with my girlfriend and a lot of time that was consumed by my work, is why I've decided to readjust my priorities for the last quarter of the last year.

But now I am back - my side job is over now, so I've got some more free time on hand, and while I am still angry at that platform, I also miss the possibility to share my collection with others and to exchange views with people with similar crazy movie collectors disorder :D And to proof that I am still a psycho worthy of this asylum, here is my January update:

First of all, an update that is probably my most expensive, but yet it is not a special collectors edition - not even in any way special, but rather ordinary: It's plastic. To be more precise, approximately 290 hard shell plastic protective slips. Most of them in "small, normal" quantities, e.g. SCF2, SCF11, for coming releases. But also 200 SC2 and 50 SC3, because I finally went through with something I wanted to do for years: Switch the soft plastic bags for plastic hard shell slips. The protectors I chose are open on one side (3/4-slips, i.e. the same as the fullslip), so the spines look much nicer. The SC2s are, given the description, skintight, while SC3s  have a few millimeters space. The SC2s are therefore for unwrapped steelbooks without J-card, while the SC3s are made for sealed collectors, and can hold steelbooks with J-card or quarterslip. I tried both of them with different steels and can say: SC2s are not as skintight as you might think, wrapped steelbooks with paper J-cards (as usually found in Germany) also fit in SC2s, and I even managed to get the new Rambo-Steelbooks into the SC2s. Given a bit sturdier J-cards, such as the ones you usually get with UK-releases, the SC2 start to become bulgy. I've made some photos of everything - please enjoy, and hopefully they are also usefull to you if you want to decide what to choose for protection:

First some before shots with the protective plastic bags. What I really dislike about them is that they have the weld-joint at the middle of the spine, which not only makes it harder to see the title as is, but also makes the shelf look more unsettled, and when hit by direct light, they also start to reflect the light, making some of the spines simply unreadable at all

And now look for these after shots. Doesn't this look absolutely stunning? It looks calm and relaxing, it's much more fun to look at, don't you think? For me, this is really an upgrade to the collection. I'm loving my shelf so much more right now.

It is really hard to actually capture what I mean, but I hope you get the gist out of these pictures. Believe me, I don't regret spending what I did to upgrade to these sleeves, even though it was really quite expensive. Btw. probably the biggest reason to get these: Spine-images. I love spine-images, and I do believe far to few lables are using them. Just look at how good this looks now:



And last but not least: Here are the promised pictures comparing SC2 to SC3. From left to right:
  • Normal steelbook (The Conjuring, UK-version) in SC2
  • hardcover quaterslip (The Lion King, UK-version) in SC3
  • hardcover quaterslip (Thor, UK-version) in SC2
  • hardcover O-card (Zombieland, US-version) in SC3




So much for the protective slipcover update. Now the real deal - everything that was delivered to me in January, movie-wise - and btw. those where so many, I not only had to get everything else from my desk - I also had to get a stool to actually get everything into frame. But here you go:

27 movie editions including 32 actual movies:

  • 14 fullslip editions
    • 7 with steelbook
    • 7 with different keepcases (Scanavo, Amaray)
  • 8 steelbooks
  • 3 mediabooks
  • 1 lenticular o-card steelbook
  • 1 "special box"

Some detail shots, ordered by source of purchase:

The by far largest group of movies I ordered in December from Novamedia, due to their winter sale. I ordered in two batches, and the first one actually only included a few of the discounted movies. So the first order included:

  • Nightcrawler (discounted)
  • Allegiant (discounted)
  • Insurgent (discounted)
  • Insidious (regular price)
  • Taken (regular price)


Then came the second order, and here I have to thank @deckard99, because in the KimchiDVD Award thread we started talking about NovaMedia (totally offtopic, busted). And I looked up a few of the movies he got, and decided to get them myself:

  • Pandorum (thanks to deckard99)
  • Law Abiding Citizen (thanks to deckard99)
  • The Grey
  • Good Bye Lenin!
  • No Escape
  • A Tale of Two Sisters

While the first order was just movies I already knew, the second order only contained one movie (No Escape) that I've already seen - all the others are blind bargains. Looking forward to watching them (I've already seen The Grey, which I did not like too much and Nightcrawler which is a really great movie).



On the next picture you've seen my order via pretz-media.at - the mediabook dealer I trust. He's really a great guy - after having much trouble with two other dealers (one of them is broke now and closed down his shop :D ), from him I've been getting all my needs fulfilled with no hassle at all. From right to left you see two great mediabooks released by the label Birnenblatt (in different color variants): Orphan and "The Fog". I've already seen "The Fog" and really enjoyed it a lot. And the last one is an absolute mispurchase. This edition - "Prefect Collection" with the movie in the best version ever available - is actually a recycled release of the DVD edition. On the side there's even a "DVD" logo which is hidden by a new label that reads blu-ray. On the inside the original DVD release had specially made tin boxes that fitted in perfectly into the gaps in the felt - the blu-rays however come in the absolute cheap CD-Audio slim cases, and they don't even fit - it's really hard to get them in and out. This is the most carelessly produced edition imaginable, and the discs are actually repacks. It's limited to 125 copies but really expensive and totally not worth its money. Fun fact: You can even still get it. And worst of all: I hear that Dune was going to get a perfect remastering a while ago and so my brain just jumped to the conclusion that the "perfect collection" is just that. It isn't - that edition will come from another label and they are still working on limited special editions and the remastering :( Shouldn't have been so fast to order... But well. I actually like the leather exterior of the edition, so screw it.


You all know where this one came from, don't you? Once more I have to thank @forenhase, who is a really great guy! I absolutely enjoy every of these editions:
Deadpool is absolutely insane, really great edition, perfectly fitting to the E3 that I already own of Deadpool 1, I love all the artwork and all the extras, especially the special booklet in one of them - these are really fun editions and I could not choose which I like better. A Quiet Place was on my "to watch" list for its cinematic release but I didn't manage to find a time slot due to all the stress I was in, and so I missed it at cinema. And Ready Player One was one of this editions that I didn't would have needed (movie was okey, but not good, and I already own the MantaLab edition), but then when it finally arrived I've got to say: It's really great, and I love it so much more than the edition that MantaLab released. The front Lenticular is of greates quality, it features both, a 3D effect as well as a flip-flop effect, with the main protagonist switching between his real self (wearing the goggles to immerse into to the cyberworld), and his avatar in the Oasis. Really great idea. And the back side is also absolutely stunning.

And last but not least: Single purchases I made all around the place: Amazon, Saturn, Media Markt, Müller - whenever I pass on of these shops I try to get into them and flip through the offers and glance through the shelfs to find something I always wanted to have that I did not know of yet. This time I got:


  • Sherlock Homes (Jeremy Brett) 5-Movie Collection in a mediabook
  • Anabelle 2 Steelbook
  • Inferno Popart Steelbook (I got the first two in December and had to order this one via Saturn)
  • The Purge Election Year (I have the first 2 from Zavvi, but those are identical to the German versions in every way. Except for the third one - the German version has an magnet included that says "I purged" :D )
  • Watchmen Steelbook (this is an old release I got via eBay for really cheap)
  • Firstblood/Rambo I-III Steelbook
  • The Conjuring 2 Steelbook
  • It Follows Novamedia Lenticular O-Card Steelbook (again, got it really cheap in a movie auction - this was a steal!).


So much for January. Stay tuned for the February update - already got some really neat editions on my desk :)



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I have never read such a detailed post by a member and, guess what, I quite enjoy doing so 😁


I remember when I first started using SCF protectors, I got so excited seeing how they make my premium editions look much better! 

I prefer the SCF series though instead of the 3-side protection!


Thank u for sharing so much with us here



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👍 great and interesting post @pygospa. I did the same with my collection a few years back, had to buy hundreds of protective slips 😳, but they are worth it. I also choose the ones with the one open side for my open and sealed regular Steelbooks, as I like to see the spines as well. My collection is also in alphabetical order, simply looks great that way.


Great new arrivals, thanks for showing 😊

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Wow. It's been more than a year that I last posted in this thread. Not because I don't like to share photos of editions I get, anymore, but becuase instead I did all my detailed photos in other threads (i.e. the threads where all the information about a release is initially collected) - because I think that makes more sense and adds more value to everyone. Judging from the views, not many people look into these individual collection threads of single users, and instead they rather look in the posts of the editions - plus when searching the forums for an edition you also rather get into those threads.

However, today I'll make an exception. I just got collected packages from four different sellers and three different countries - all on one day. Isn't that strange? :D So, here we go:


Left to right, top to bottom:

  • Capelights Rollerball Ultimate Edition [Germany]
    Including all the exchange discs, because during production something went wrong and wrong masters where used (or something) - if you already got these, you could sing an online form to get the disks replaced - if you ordered later (like I did) you'll already get them with your order. This box contains Rollerball (1975) [Mediabook] and Rollerball (2002)  [Digipak] with 5 disks, plus some additional shenanigans (2 Additional booklets, poster, ardcards, certificate, etc.)
  • Turbines Der WiXXer and Neues vom WiXXer Ultimate Boxset [Germany]
    Both films are famous German comedy movies, so you'd probably never heard of them. Unfortunately only the second movie got English dubbing, and of course both don't have English subtitles, so probably rather uninteresting for you international readers. There are two Steelbooks inside, one for each film, containing 10 discs with a lot of shenanigans (soundracks, radio plays, bonus discs, multiple booklets, posters, etc.)
  • Capelights The Woman Trilogy Mediabook [Germany]
    Containing all three films (Offspring, The Woman and Darlin') in UHD only (you could opt to get it on HD or UHD).
  • MantaLabs Birds of Prey Double Lenticular Fullslip [Hong Kong]
    Excited to open this one, as I really loved the back artwork :D
  • Nova Medias John 2 Wick Fullslip [Korea]
    Or was it John Wick 2 🤪 - Anyhow. In the past I missed out on the excellent Nova Media John Wicks because I wanted to get the Filmarena ones, but given that I didn't manage to get them until now, and that I really like John Wick, and that Nova Media has shown great love for this movies, and released all of them (Filmarena is yet to announce that they'll plan to release John Wick 3) - I opted for these, because they have the UHD Version and that will probably be what the future holds (not sure if the other series they did, with just the BD will continue once John Wick 4 & 5 are finally made). I haven't open John Wick 1 yet, I'll wait until John Wick 3 is here, and then open them up all together :)
  • Art Crafts Tully Fullslip [Korea]
    This one I oredered together with John Wick from Nova Media, so they came in one package (MantaLab came separate, and the two Capelight came separate from Turbine - because I ordered them from the producers directly, to support them more, than if I get them for the same price through a third party); I didn't know the company till now, and I have to say they are impressive. Unfortunately a bit expensive, given that they just include a Scanavo casing, and unfortunately the booklet is all Korean [yes, I opened that one already], but I do love their design, and might be getting further releases from them. Film I have seen already in a sneak preview show at our cinema, and I liked it. Plus, Charlize Theron is always worth a buy.

Now, I'll open them up. If any of these releases interest you, please tell me here, and I'll post them in the post they belong to. I guess in future I'll try to do it this way - overview here, details in the posts (so this thread wont be forgotten under all this dust or cleaned out in the next spring cleaning session :D ). Details, if you wish for them, so don't hesitate to ask nicely :)

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Good Evening @pygospa🙂

Thanks for resurrecting this Thread my friend!

Personally, for my own benefit, I prefer to always keep my personal thread updated, so that if I need to reference something, I immediately know where to look.

If folks drop by and say hi, that's great too ! 😀


I love all the new releases you've received buddy and do have a question;

I've heard of "The Woman Trilogy" but have yet to research it.

Is it a blind buy for you or would you already recommend them?


Cheers, and thanks again for the spark of life here! 🤩

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Hello my friend and thank you for the nice words! Yes, I really enjoy these little "hi's" and movie edition smalltalk, it's just, keeping these things up on all the places also consumes a lot of time, and I have little, unfortunately :( But I'll try my best :)

1 minute ago, Grendel said:

I love all the new releases you've received buddy and do have a question;

I've heard of "The Woman Trilogy" but have yet to research it.

Is it a blind buy for you or would you already recommend them?


It's a blind buy for me as well. I've first stumbled upon this seeing a German Steelbook release for the movie "Darlin'" (the last part of the trilogy), and I was ready to pick it up, but then read that it was the last part of a trilogy. So I thought, that I'd first look up the other two parts, see if there was a nice steelbook or something for them as well, and check out the trailers before spending too much money on three movies that I wouldn't like anyways. I - of course - forgot about them, but got reminded, when Arrow announced their "The Woman" release, which featured some really great artwork - but onfortunately only had the first two movies in there. So when Capelight announced their trilogy mediabook I checked out the trailers and some reviews, and it looks like the first movie, "Offspring" didn't get that good reviews in general (but seems to have it's fans, and given that it's a lower budget production, this could still be worth your while), but "The Woman" was pretty decently rated, for a horror movie of this kind, and got a lot of positive reviews by horror fans, so I guess it could be worth a try. Plus I liked all three trailers. So yeah. Need to see this one before I can recommend it, but just check out the trailers for yourself.

Oh, and if you are interested in some detail pictures, I posted some in this post:





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Thanks very much for your response @pygospa   😀

I very much appreciate you taking the time to research and post those trailers.

These films look very interesting indeed!

At first glance, prior to seeing the trailers, I thoughts the films would be similar in tone and theme to the "I Spit On Your Grave" films.

I see now, they bear stronger semblance to the "Hills Have Eyes" fliks, in some aspects though of course, going down a completely (and curious) different path.

I think I'm sold.

Did you say the Capelight set was still available?

If it's 4K only, it does me no good but if it has Blu-rays of the films, and if they are English friendly, I'll be ordering this.

Thanks again! 😀


edit: just followed the link to the release post and received my answers, Ta!

Edited by Grendel
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I've mentioned the fall cleaning sale Turbine does, and of course, I used the chance to further complete my Turbine collection. I already own a couple of their offers, for wich I paid much more unfortunately (or I own them in a more pompous first edition), like the Hellraiser box, The Invisible Man box, Death Machine mediabook, The Thing boxet, Donnie Brasco mediabook, Crying Freeman mediabook, The Shawshank Redemption digibook, The Fan mediabook, eXistenZ mediabook, Raising Cain mediabook, Unforgettable futurepak. I can recommend all of these releases.


What I ordered myself, on Sept. 28th, at 10 p.m., that already arrived today are these beauties:




Unfortunately all Mediabooks got dented on the edge - most visible at Scholock, thanks to the idiotic DHL, that is the most idiotic service that ever came into existance. I feel bad asking for replacements for these, as most of them where pretty cheap to begin with: Together with some bonus points I still had (worth 6€) i payed 50€ for the lot, all of them blind buys, so I have no idea as to what to expect. As you can see the titles are:


  • Do the Right Thing, FuturePak/MetalPak. This is limited to 1500 copies and numbered on the C-Card (yeah that's something rather debatable with these releases in general), my copy being No 930. I've heard a lot of good about this movie including personal recommendations by friends. Topically, this movie is about racism, cleverly combines drama with comedy to create a nonchalant atmosphere, instead of being heavy and edifying. It's a single disc release, but comes with a lot (240 minutes worth of) extras and bonuses, including two audio commentaries.
  • Mark of the Devil, Mediabook limited to 500 copies, with my number being 328, on DVD and Blu-ray, including a bonus DVD with additional extras. This is actually a German movie and one of the really few movies that where shot in Germany by a mainly German cast speaking English! Reason for doing so was the better international marketing. However, due to many rather graphic torture scenes this movie was banned in many countries, including Germany, and - if at all - was only shown in a censored version. Only in 2015 was there an uncut version for the first time by Arrow Video in the UK. In Germany, where it was (after indexing the movie) confiscated in 2000 (not allowing anyone to sell this film), the film was bought in 2011 by Turbine despite the confiscation, and released it in 2012 as DigiPak; they then went to court and reached a relieve of the confiscation in 2016, and in 2019 two mediabook Covers where released, and I got the Cover B of that release. The film is said to be a cult classic (probably also becaue of its history), and I am excited to watch this 1970s movie, which 50 years later is probably rather benign and boring :D 
  • Schlock, Mediabook limited to 2000 copies, with my number being 142. To be quite honest with you: I wouldn't have gotten this release, wasn't it for the price of 9€. I first heard of it, when Turbine announced the title in one of their video podcasts, and hearing the guy raving about this film, I added the title to my list. Then after seeing a trailer - well - I was pretty unimpressed. Since then I've seen this mediabook a couple of times, but always left it behind, due to me not deeming this movie worth the initial 30€ for a mediabook. Now for 9€s I am willing to take that risk. We'll see.... with 79 minutes its a rather short movie, and with 67 minutes of extras it's also rather slim on the side of bonuses compared to Turbines usual standard.
  • When the Wind Blows, Mediabook limited to 2000 copies, my being 1107. This is a movie I already nearly bought two times (something or other came inbetween though) so I am quite happy to finally pick it up at a large discount. Said to be rather sad and depressing - nothing for little children, this cartoon tells the story of an elderly couple preparing for the eminent hit of an atomic bomb; a fear that was so real in the 80s, and unfortunately grows again in recent days.

So, these are my pickups. Want to see any of this releases in greater detail, with photographs of the booklet, more in depth info on quality and bonuses, comparison to other releases, etc.? If so, just tell me which title you are interested in, and I will open up a thread in the appropriate subforum (e.g. here). And btw. this also goes for the other titles I mentioned above.

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So, already a long while ago Wicked announced they would be doing a new series, but they are not telling us, how the packaging will be, so I cannot create a post in the appropriate place; which is why I decided to put it in here :D While this is not the right place either - yet - it is definitely going to be the right place in the future, because I am planning to getting these, and to be quite honest I am really excited (I'll explain a bit more below). Basically we hardly know anything yet, but what we do know are these things:

1) What the series will be named, and what its main focus is - thanks to this first teaser they revealed in July:



Now, why is that exciting for me? Well, to be quite honest, I don't know hardly anything about Black Cinema - when is it Black Cinema? Is there a certain style? Is it a time period? What are subgenres? What I do know is there is a thing called "New Black Cinema" which was coined in the 90s and basically all Spike Lee films (which I hardly know, to be quite honest) count into it. I own two movies that count towards this genre, Do the Right Thing (which arrived today) and Boyz n the Hood, but both I haven't even seen yet. Second subgenre(?) I know is the Blaxploitation genre, and for a long time I didn't even know what this meant. I had this list of movies, that Quentin Tarantino lists as crucially influential for his personality and his movies, and a lot of them are Blaxploitation movies and he often also talks about it in Interviews, so this is how I picked up the name of the genre. A while ago I got interesting and googled it, and learned a lot about the impact these movies had, and how important they where during the 70s and the crisis that Hollywood was in. And funnily I knew a few titles from their name, but none of the movies I've seen. So being a huge Tarantino fan, I was curious to seeing these. Unfortunately in Germany they are rather hard to get, especially in premium releases that also put them into context with a booklet or extras, etc. But in a comment Wicked said that they are not starting a Blaxploitation series, they are starting a


So honestly, as a movie buff, I feel like this is something I need to get into, and if only to have an understanding of what people talk about when they talk about these movies and to be able to make up my own opinion on these films.


2) We know that it is not going to be a Mediabook. Quote by Wicked Vision: "Es werden keine Mediabooks. Wir machen etwas viel, viel schöneres fürs Regal."; my translation: "It's not going to be Mediabooks. We are producing something much more beautiful for your shelf".

3) Wicked Vision is producing massive extras for this release, including a 10-part documentary, hinting that there will be at least 10 movies planned for this series? The other two posts with a teaser from this documentation series since their initial teaser that I want to share - and to my relief, Wicked made their post in German AND English, so you don't have to make due with my bad translations :D


Video 1)



And the text:


What do Slaughter, Black Caesar and Superfly have in common? Right, they are antiheroes with style! The reason why this is so, how it developed and why even George Lucas was impressed by it, will be told to you by PD Dr. Andreas Rauscher in "The Gangster as a style-conscious anti-hero", the first episode of our 10-part documentary series, which we produced exclusively for the Black-Cinema-Collection.
Coming soon!


Video 2)


This is unfortunately only available on Facebook (since now) so this link does not include the video as I would liked. I'll include it, once they have it on YouTube. Here is the text for that video:


The term Blaxploitation is immediately associated with films like SHAFT, SLAUGHTER or COFFY. But is it possible that a character named Virgil Tibbs paved the way for the antiheroes of film history? PD Dr. Andreas Rauscher shows us in "From Mr. Tibbs to John Shaft: New Stars and Perspectives" where the genre originated. Coming soon on our blu-ray from THEY CALL ME MISTER TIBBS!


4) So we know, that one of the first titles will be "They Call me Mister Tibbs!" - and when can we expect these titles? Well, after there where people in the comments that accused Wicked to jump on the "hype train", because of the problems in the US, Wicked said that they where planing this for two years now, and started working on this last year already. In one of the comments they now also mentioned the following: "Wir bemühen uns, die ersten beiden Titel vor Weihnachten zu bringen." - and my translation: "We're working hard on releasing the first two titles before Christmas".

So to summarize: In the coming three months we can expect two movies from the Black Cinema genre, one of them being "They Call Me Mister Tibbs!". For this release, there will be a series of exclusive new extras, consisting of ten episodes, and the packaging is kept as a secret till now, but according to Wicked it will not be a Mediabook (they did however not deny the Scanavo/Keep Case question but just ignored it) and it will be something beautiful for the shelf (which makes me wonder if it is maybe something with a spine image, especially as it is planned for 10 films, and having a fixed horizont of films would allow for this - similar to the Anolis "Galerie des Grauen" boxsets).

So, the few people that look in here, and have actually read this entire thing I posted: What do you think? Are you interested? Do you know Black Cinema? Do you have any favourite titles you'd wish to see in this series? Would you get them regardless of the package? What would be your package wish?






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Let's do another News/My Future Releases post, and again for my Wicked Vision fanboys (@Veum and @Grendel :D). Here is the most recent post from Wicked Vision:


Ein neues Lizenz-Paket wurde abgeschlossen und die Veröffentlichungen sind fest eingeplant für das erste Halbjahr 2021. Die Tinte ist noch frisch, aber wir verraten euch dennoch was euch erwartet. Hier ein Foto aus dem Lizenzvertrag. Ihr dürft euch über ein 8 Knaller freuen.


#hdpremiere #mediabook #scanavo #blackcinema #cultclassics #klassiker #horror #action #thriller #blackandwhite #goldenhollywood

My translation:



We've closed a deal on a license package and these releases are planned for the first half year of 2021. The ink isn't dried, but still we'll tell you what you can expect from us. Here is a picture from the license contract. You can rejoice over 8 winner titles.


And the picture:




Spoileralert! The two titles with the given year are easy to solve, given that there is a Wikipedia entry vor every year containing all the movie titles released in that year, so just pick the ones that fit best into the given letters:

But the rest? Pew...


I only have two guesses:

  • The Man who Laughs (1928) - wouldn't have expected this from Wicked Vision, but given that Eureka is releasing this title on Blu-ray in UK, it would make sense, that Wicked got the licenses for Germany (we've seen this with some Indicator titles and Anolis - once there is a HD master available for one of these classics, they hit all the countries more or less the same time). What is also irritating is of course, that it's a 1928 movie wich at first glance does not fit Wickeds portfolio at all. However, given they used the hashtags #goldenhollywood #klassiker and #blackandwhite, it seems fitting. And they already did one movie that did three movies that did not fit their usual cataloge at all, and released them separate from their main releases as #scanavo, one of them a 1932 black and white movie (The Most Dangerous Game).
  • Nightmares (1983) - This title would fit Wickeds portfolio, but it's just a guess given the beginning Night... and the ending ...s.


Do you have any further ideas and guesses? What do you think about my guesses? Any movie that interests you, or any movie you wouldn't want to get? I know myself, I'll probably go and get all of them, and if it is just to support their good work. I almost got the Eureka edition of "The Man Who Laughs", but now I'll wait for Wickeds possible release on that one.

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Good Evening @pygospa and other friends;  😀

Oohh! A tease indeed!

I like your guesses so far as well.

As you mentioned, I think "The Man Who Laughs" is a contender. I think they could do an admirable job with this classic as well. I purchased The Eureka edition just a short time ago but have yet to spin it up. It's an endearing film that assuredly deserves the moniker "Classic" and I was extremely pleased to see the gorgeous packaging that Eureka gave it.

Some but not many may be aware, the Conrad Veidt character Gwynplaine, was the one on whom Bob Kane modeled the "Joker" character in the Batman comics! 🙂


I honestly can't think of what the others might be but I enjoy surprises.

The one beginning with "Doct..." I would dearly love to be "Doctor Giggles" an incredibly entertaining film with the wonderful 'Larry Drake' as the lead but as the very last blacked out letter seems to be a "T" I suppose that's inaccurate, sigh. The previous MediaBook is going for silly money right now but there's always hope for a new release as it's been a few years. 


Thanks very much once more for your research my dear friend!



p.s. I did order the Capelight 3 Film spec ed of "The Woman" as you suggested, via thomue1987 🥳

Very eager to watch these.


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My guesses (after much googling and close inspection of the picture):

Black Friday (1940)

Ssssnake (1973)

The Man Who Laughs (1928)

Car Wash (1976)

Doctor Dolittle (1967)

Nighthawks (1981)

Stick (1985)

Death Valley (1982)


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There I was, saying that I would use this thread again more often - not as I used to as detailed pictures thread, but rather a "look what the postman brought"-kinda thread, and then I don't get any post for over two weeks (and even worse - I turn this thread into some kind of back ally news thread :D ). Enough of that, today finally the post man came to visit me once more, and brought me three different orders (in two packages). I'll go into more detail with one of the package, and the other one, you'll know where to find the detailed pictures of it, later :D

Interestingly, today I also learned that there are two kind of services from DHL - the shabby once that always break my packages, even though they cost 6€/parcel. The once who never ring at my door, or if they do, throw the package with a loud bang into the staircase and run off as fast as possible so they don't have to face my anger, or that do ring and come up, only to tell me that they cannot give me the package because it has a +18 label and I need to get it from the post office (because they are too lazy to do it at the door), or who sign the package themselves without delivering it, and then I only get it four days later.

And then there is DHL Express. Oct. 13th, the vendor ships it out, Oct. 14th the guy rings my door. At 7:45 am. Oh, and btw. did I mention that it was delivered by Amazon? In the US? Yep. USA -> Germany, on one freaking day. After an estimation that it would arrive tomorrow. And for a package that went all the way over the big ocean, it's in nearly mint condition. WTF? I had expected this to arrive end of October the erliest. The other package contained some films that I ordered from Wicked Vision - their two newest mediabooks + the third installment in the "Der Fluch der Galerie des Grauens" series.


Now while these Anolis titles all have their separate threads, the Friday the 13th doesn't, as far as I know? So I'll just briefly talk a bit about this release in here, because me getting it, is a bit strange for a couple of reasons:


  1. I am not a huge fan of Friday the 13th. In fact from all the 70s/80s franchise slashers, I would argue that this is even my least favorite series (considering such other great franchises, such as Halloween [my favorite], The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, Childs Play, etc.).
  2. There is a Mediabook release of all these Friday the 13th, out in Germany.
  3. I detest Amaray packaging, and for a lot of releases I just wait and hope that there'll be anything else in the making: Digibooks, Digipacks, Mediabooks, Steelbooks, Scanavo Cases, Boxsets, Fullslips, ...


Now let's start with the third reason - beacause back in the days I didn't care too much about disc content, and rather wanted great packaging. And I never minded Amaray releases on DVD, but I hate this blue translucent look. To me it looks really cheap. Plus most of the artworks look horrible because this blue is competing with the other colors and therefore destroys the intention of the artist. I have changed a bit in that regard, because I learned to value both, the quality that is not always good (during the start of Blu-ray there where a lot of upscale releases out there), plus I learned to value bonus material with background on movies so much more during the last years (as these started to become rare on standard Amaray-Blu-ray releases, compared to standard Amaray-DVDs in the old days). So even if there might be a better packaging, I also way in these factors, and rather go for an Amaray release with a lot of extras than a vanila disc in beatgold packaging with handwritten booklet by the actors themselves (well... maybe not in that case :D ).  Which leads me to the mediabooks. I was excited when I heared about the plans of '84. And again, back in those days, I was rather fond of '84 and gotten my hands on as many releases they did, as I could. I of course knew, that all their releases where rather pricey repacks. But, I didn't care, and I think '84 did do a good job in design, booklet and artwork of these releases, as well as in choice of titles. But once the plans got revealed, I was a bit disappointed. Prices where between 45€ - 50€ per movie, and they didn't get rights to all the movies, "Friday the 13th (1980)", "Jason goes to Hell", "Jason X" and "Freddy vs. Jason" would be missing from the set. But another label got these and promissed to do "fitting" counterparts - of course for the same prices. So you'd be spending 500€-600€ for the set. '84 did say that the licenses where rather expensive and they couldn't do it for a lower price, but they would still make it special though, and decided to go with padded mediabooks and some new and exclusive artwork, and text-free backs as they would come in quater-slips and it would also be three disc sets. Now, if you know me, I hate padded mediabooks :D Plus, I thought that the artwork, while a funny idea, is pretty cheap and uninspired: Every cover shows the mask that Freddy wears, which basically is the same (with some nuences of course). Backartwork = backside of the mask. That was an easy job for the artworker... To make things even worse, they did not at all work together with the other company, so the only thing the other four releases have in common, was the padded mediabook and the quaterslip. Covers don't match, spines don't match. And even content doesn't match: Instead of 28 pages of booklet, you get 6 lousy ones, instead of three discs you get two, one being the DVD, the other being a blu-ray repack from a dual-disc release: yep, if you get "Jason goes to hell" you get a disk with "Jason goes to hell" AND "Jason X", and you get the identical disk also on "Jason X". And that's for freaking 45-50€s, because the Mediabook is padded.



Normally, '84 goes for multiple Covers, plus they sometimes do a second edition, and a couple of insiders knew: There is more comming, so just wait. And I did. Because as much as I wanted these, I did not want to spend so much money on these films, especially if there where a couple of things that mad me really unhappy about them. Instead I wanted standard, non-padded mediabooks, for a "normal" 25€-30€. Hell, I'd even spent a bit more (like 35€) if it was so hard for '84 to get the rights, and everything. But then I also want non-padded with nice artwork. Show a bit of creativitiy and initiative!



They did. For 35€-40€, a year later, and in three different artworks, there came the second release. And boy was I excited. There was the Cover D that featured a drawn artwork (I think by Ralf Krause?) that was really stunning. On the paper everything looked great, and I ordered the first of them for the full price (I think I paid 36,99€), but what you got was: A single disc release, missing the DVD copy (that I don't care about) and the extras - and there I finally understood why '84 put all the extras on a second disk, even if there would have been space on one disc. So I cancelled them, and actually later found out that you could hunt them down on secondary markets originally sealed for arround 20€. And so I did. Unfortnuately, a few of them (Part 2+3) are hard to get, and the extremely ugly done parts 1, "Jason goes to Hell", "Jasonson X" and "Freddy vs. Jason" had a so low printing that they actually sold out the quickest, and are hard to get. I even feel that 20€/piece is a bit too high for what you get - it's the movie + artwork and booklet. Which I don't want to disrespect, the artwork of the '84 Entertainment books is really phenomenal, and each edition comes with 28 pages of text and artwork. Then again, there is this slight anger I have about the booklet - the first release uses the first and last page to display additional and alternative/rare artworks, even japanese movie posters wich are so strangely different to what we know. For the unpadded release however, '84 decided to replace these pages with their artwork they used on the padded books. So if you decided you didn't like that artwork, and went for something different, you still get that artwork, and do not get to enjoy the alternative/rare artworks out there. It's just a small thing, but for me it adds up.


But we collectors are stupid, and after paying aproximately 150€s on my 6 mediabooks, and being on the hunt for the last 6, that will probably cost twice as much (which I am not willing to pay), there came along this release by Shout Factory, in a absolutely stunning artwork box, that would set me back 150€ as well, but would not only contain all the movies, but also all the extras that I would have gotten with '84 in the padded mediabooks. Plus a lot of new extras and old ones (like audio commentaries) that '84 did not include. Plus, all new 4K masters they used, that are suposedly better than the once included in the mediabooks. Plus" Friday the 13th (1980)" and "Jason Goes to Hell" in two different cuts. Plus "Friday the 13th - Part 3" in 2D and 3D. Plus two additional disks with bonus features that did not fit the movie discs - including the entire "The Friday the 13th Chronicles" that '84 split up into different pieces to put on each of the single releases. And of course an all new 56p booklet - of course the last one cannot measure up with the single 28-p booklets by "Christoph N. Kellerbach", that would add up to some 250 pages in total. But that doesn't bother me. I would have loved to see some spine artwork or alternative cover artwork - but a few of these are actually reversible (with mostly more horrible poster artworks than the ones they chose to feature :D - but it's a nice gesture though, and I reversed 5 of the 8 reversible covers to show the more "rare" or more beautiful artwork :) 


All in all I am pretty impressed, and now the only thing keeping me from enjoying these is my still missing Region A player (yeah... I know... you told me so many times to get one... ). I am currently browsing amazon.com for a decent offer. As for my mediabooks, I am happy to not having to spent any crazy amounts on the four mediabooks that are not worth their money at all, and I'll keep the beautiful artwork ones. And who knows, maybe, if I am lucky, I can still hunt down parts 2 and 3 for a reasonable enough price, then I'll complete my collection of artwork beauties, but I am not in a hurry, nor is it bugging me to not having them all together so I can finally watch them all. Because now I have :)




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#1074, #1073, #1059, #1049 | KOR | Molly's Game, John Wick 3 - John Wick 1 | Scanavo + 3x Steelbook (NE #26-28) 

EAN: 8809427724634, 8809427726157, 8809427726133, 8809427726119
Release date: May 16th, 2018
Region Code: free
Paid: 34,23€, 47,24€, 38,53€, 39,04€

Another package just arrived, and this time I remembered, that I used to have this cool headline over my posts, which actually I still like, and even though I am now only showing new arrivals as a group shot, I could still use it. So here we go, today my 1073rd and 1074th blu-ray releases arrived in my collection: John Wick 3, and Molly's Game. Molly's Game I wanted to get a while ago, but getting those as single purchases would just add up crazy on that postage costs, so I waited until I had more that I wanted to order from Nova Media. I've seen the movie and liked it (though it wasn't as good as I expected it to be - my heart is still fully consumed by Chastains performance in Miss Sloan - what a great movie!).


Also I started getting the John Wick releases from Nova Media. I loved John Wick from the very first movie, and really wanted to have it on Blu-ray. However, back in the days I couldn't get my hands on FAC releases, and later these where sold out and sold for crazy money. I always had them on my search list, and that was the reason why I didn't get into the first edition on Blu-ray by Novamedia. Regretted it, though. And since Nova is actually continuing the series, which for Filmarena is not a given anymore (they used to complete every movie series, in the past, but lately? Shazam, Joker and Aquaman, but no other DC movies, just Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther and the Spider-Man movies from Marvel, Star Trek Beyond (and none of the others), Pets 2, just "War of the Planet of the Apes", just "M:I Fallout" and "M:I Rogue Nation" - I feel that the passion that Filmarena used to put into these releases has all gone away and they are just a business, that doesn't care what collectors want, and if a release makes sense or not. So I am not trusting them to get us a John Wick 3, I don't believe that I'll ever get John Wick 1+2 for a good price, and so, heavy hearted, I opted for these new 4K WEA steelbooks, which look quiet decently and also fit together well. I do believe, that Nova will continue these and if they do, chances are, that it'll be in 4K (while Blu-ray could become unclair in future). So here we go, the whole set. I waited, till I had them all and now I am excited to open them up :D


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