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[DC's] Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow & Supergirl


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Surprised there was no threads for these either, wheres the love?

Group these 4 together to save opening 4 separate thread because all 4 work in the same universe. 


I started watching Arrow very late so quickly caught up on S1 & 2 very quickly. S2 was amazing with an excellent villain. S3 then felt slow and defiantly the weakest of the 3 seasons. S4 was a slow build and ended up being good whilst S4 has been excellent and got back to basics. 

Flash S1 aired same time as Arrow S3. Out of the 2, I would say Flash S1 was way better but it did struggle in S2 when  Supergirl S1 were Legends of Tomorrow S1  (last year) added and Arrow recovered from a poor S3.

This season however, Legends of Tomorrow S2, Arrow S5 and Flash S3 have been really good. Fewer cross overs which help and Supergirl was added officially into the same universe which made for a great 4 show mid season cross over. In my opinion, its between Legends & Arrow as to the best show out of the 4 this year with Flash just behind and Supergirl still struggling to find its feet. I do enjoy Supergirl but its still lacking behind the other 3. 



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Must admit Arrow this season has been superb, and I'm really enjoying Supergirl which is much lighter in tone to the others. Flash and LOT I enjoy but I feel they aren't as well written as Arrow. Flash I have found this season to be full of filler episodes. I do hope we get more crossover episodes with all 4 shows involved as the last one was just brilliant entertainment.

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