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Manta Lab La La Land (Manta Lab Exclusive #07) (WEA Blu-ray Steelbook) [Hong Kong]


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Release date: 29 December, 2017


Retail price: 

One-Click: $152.97

Full Slip: $48.99

Lenticular: $48.99

Special Box: $54.99


Print run:

One-Click: 400

Full Slip: 200

Lenticular: 300

Special Box: 300


Purchase Link: One-ClickFull SlipLenticularSpecial Box







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Movie was fantastic in my opinion. With very few characters to focus on, this was a very fresh take on musical, backed by a terrific script and cinematography. Set pieces were realistic and beautiful compared to some musicals in past. And direction was top-notch. One can easily relate to the atmosphere shown in some of the scenes (especially "City of Stars"). And this was all backed by awesome song sequences and background score. Though at some places few sequences seem too imaginative, but since it's musical, such instances were hidden/mixed brilliantly with musical sequences. 


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Guest batben83

i dont its stays on my shelf for her to look at....... from a distance....... with protective clothing on behind a rope fence!!!!

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8 minutes ago, psychoscot said:

Really hope this isn't their next release. First that Ben Stiller Mitty rubbish now this! It was a one off watch for me at the cinema and not a title I would ever own! VERY overhyped film. This is more suited to Plain Archives, not Manta

100% agree ...Easy pass for Mitty  So unfortunately a hole in my collection ? ...and La La Land maybe for my wife but sure not for me ?

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NOPE NOT FOR ME  I have an allergy to Musicals . 

I can just about tolerate Disney Movies and Phantom Of The Opera as Gerard Buttler is fit ??.

This is why I like Manta so much ?? the fact they are willing to take a chance on a title diffrent from the grind of reissues and Marvel / superhero.

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5 minutes ago, nefilim said:

I have not seen this. And some how not that interested. I have to ask some people that have similar taste.

@ukade2327 @larson1977 @psychoscot @RhodW

Have you seen and so on ...

Not seen it yet. Not really my cup of tea.... Maybe the misses likes it ;)

But hey, it's Manta so 1click please ;)

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I was Lent a Pre Awards Digital copy to watch..........as soon as they started singing in the Traffic Jam I wanted to turn it off .....managed to get through it and thought what a load of **** .....that's 2 hours of my life I'm never gonna get  back ...totally pointless movie IMO......This is gonna leave a big Hole in my Manta collection.......no way would I buy a copy let alone 3......sorry manta .......... easy pass for me.......

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26 minutes ago, nefilim said:

So it's no for me. Probably watch it down the line but no Manta.

It's a bit sad that I'm so easy to convince. 1f602.png



Ryan Gosling is a very talented actor and has made some great films (except this one)    I thought he was totally wasted in this ..........and then he makes  Blade Runner ....Hollywood sure is LA LA Land...

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  • extantsrevenge changed the title to La La Land (Manta Lab Exclusive #07) (WEA Blu-ray Steelbook) [Hong Kong]


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