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New Anime Blu-ray Release Topic

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Hello again my Anime Loving Friends! @extantsrevenge, @DarthEd, @Hatori, @stanleydobson and all others!

Well, I managed to hold off long enough on the new purchases, then went quite NUTS this week-end...🤯


Right Stuf was advertising the new Aniplex re-release for Black Butler S-1 (ep 1-24) due for release near end Jan '19.

It will be a Collector's Edition box set with assorted 'shiny 'naff included. Price is $149usd on sale from $189usd.

Now, I've been researching the Black Butler series for a while now and it certainly intrigued me. Once I was able to figure out which bloody title was which season (courtesy of Wiki) I elected to dive in head first and ordered them ALL.

S-1: CE Box (ep 1-24)

S-2: (ep 25-36 + 6 OVA)

S-3: (Book of Circus, ep 37-46)

Book of Murder: (2 OVA)

Book of The Atlantic: (anime film)

Fortunately, ALL of them (except S-1) were on sale for 50% off, otherwise I doubt I would have pulled the trigger.

I'd be interested to hear if any of you fine folk have viewed this series?

I don't mind saying, the reason I've held off this long for them, is because the artwork on the covers, with Ceil (12 years old) and his Butler Sebastian, were giving me a creepy pedophilic vibe but in conversations with others, I've been assured there is none in the story (thank goodness!).

Cheers! 😀


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@Grendel you get a lot of stuff these days, I hope you're able to watch them all. I need somethimes really long until I get to my new purchases, so much to watch 😂. I have not watched Black Butler, not sure if I tested in way back in 2008. Please let us know how it is, maybe I have to check as I really don't know anything about it.

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Am 6.12.2018 um 09:44 schrieb extantsrevenge:

Thanks @stanleydobson sadly still no japanese language with subtitles on it, so I will not get it. I really dislike that so many classics are available here in Germany on Disc, but don't include the original japanese 1f625.png

Thats fine for me, i only watch the classics in geman audio, no english, no japanese, because in my childhood i watched it in german, so...

Only transformers Generation 1 did i watch in english, because there are only a few episodes with german audio..

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Found some interesting German Anime stuff recently and did some Release topics, did not know anything about all the Futurepaks and this retailer until I saw the GitS a week ago. Check it ou guys @Grendel @DarthEd @stanleydobson @Hatori @FN-2187 @ksosk and other anime fans.



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