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Happy Anniversary Media Psychos Version 2

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I just noticed that @Masterblaster created his account on April 12 2017, which would mean that the Version 2 of Media Psychos celebrates it's 1 year Anniversary.




In just 1 year 904 members have joined Media Psychos V2, creating 4895 topics and making 62560 posts.




I don't know the number of GB orders MP has fullfilled in just 1 year but it must be hugh considering such mega large GBs as Wonder Woman HDZeta.


So thank you @Masterblaster for making this great forum available to us all and for all the hard work you have done since.


Thanks also goes to the MP Team for everything they have done and will do for the forum and all you members, without these fine people so many GB's would not be possible.


Yeah I mean you guys @Benoit46 @ksosk @45Caliber @Scary Hair @ukade2327 @DodgyDave @DParadigm @scrface87 @Hatori


Thanks @Bunaldinho for creating all these wonderful art for MP, without you the site would not be the same.




Finally thanks to all you members, without your support and excitement for Steelbooks, Premiums, Media in general and all this stuff, there would be no need for MP.


So let's celebrate this anniversary and make MPs 2nd year as great as possible.








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1 hour ago, DParadigm said:



Great work @extantsrevenge. I don't know how you keep track of all these where you have a million things to do lol

This was more coincidence ? But I'm glad I did spot it in time, I can't believe that Version 2 is already 1 year old ?

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It's hard to believe.....but twelve months have gone by so fast .... The Team here at MP just steer the ship ....... It's you guys ' The Members  ' who drive it and make it the number one media community the place  to be ....here's to the next twelve months and whatever it may bring us ....and boy are there some delights in store ...... Keep up the good work everybody and thanks...

--- MP Staff 


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It is this time of the year again 😊




Media Psychos Version 2 is celebrating it's two year anniversary (that was on April 12th but who can keep track of all those dates 😅).


Let us take a moment to reflect on the growth MP has made in the past year.


We have increased our members from 904 to an impressive 2173 , added another 4367 topics and created an astonishing 95540 new posts




We have offered more Group Buys from so many different retailers than ever before, servicing thousands and thousands of Editions around the globe to all our diverse members.





Thanks to the one and only @Masterblaster for creating MP all those years ago and for bringing us with MP V2. the coolest version yet. Without you collecting would certainly not be the same.


Thanks to the whole Media Psychos Team for another successful year. Thanks for your never ending dedication to MP and our community. Without these hardworking people MP would not be possible.


That means you guys @45Caliber @ksosk @Benoit46 @extantsrevenge @DodgyDave @Scary Hair @ukade2327 @DParadigm @deckard99 @thomue1987 @icewire @xSNAKExPLISSKENx @blu.steel33 @airwins .




Also a huge thanks to @forenhase for offering all European members the Filmarena Group Buys here on MP and helping out so many members.


And let me also thank @goose_3387 for creating all those countless and absolutely gorgeous signature banners for so many members in the past year. If you also would like to have a banner, simply ask nicely here.


And let us not forget one really important part for having a great community... THE MEMBERS. Thank you all for your support, for joining all the different Group Buys and for making MP bigger every day. We really appreciate you all and hope that you will spread the work for MP even further.




A Special thanks goes out to my German Room Psychos ( @Catgirl @hummels23 @CAYENNE-FAHRER @BobaFett1974 @sepultura007 @Ltd.Steel.Junky74 @hunter72 @Hatori @PRIAPISM @carphunter @Digitale_Kunst @raylight @Bunaldinho @Krafkali) and all the other regulars who make that section really special with all the fun activity 🤣.




Another thanks goes to our  friends Les Baguettes ( @cypheria078 @lingrass @bilbon @3rasus @bearlol @Guitou36 @GANTZ ) and all the others who keep French Room so special and fun.




But enough with the words





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In these period, our team has gotten stronger, our members friendlier and 

our brand more recognised!!


We have also supported more international releases, especially the wonderful 

Asian and Korean films 😃



We also went back to our roots and give scanavo case and digipack equal exposure

as steelbook.

A lot of our members have shown huge supports to newly established retailers

and we aren't as critical and nasty towards releases in general as compared to elsewhere.


In this new year to come, I truly hope to see our members find joy in the discussion as well as

participating in our gb. It will be great to see members helping other members too 😃

On our part, we will continue to bring in more exclusives!

There were some great gifts to support retailer releases, but they can't be frequent, so 

hope members appreciate them as and when there is any 










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