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Kingpin's HT/Speaker/Subwoofer Builds.

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I mentioned to @DParadigm that I'll put up some pics of stuff I've built including 1 pair of speakers, 3 pairs of subwoofers and a home theater room.  

I'll start with the first ever speakers I built.  

This design was considered to be better then the Wilson Audio Watt which retailed for about $10k. 

They are a large studio monitor with no eq boosting in the xovers.  Extremely flat and revealing. 

The original desing didn't have the 2-12" subs attached to them.  Later I found out why which will be in another post. 

FYI These were designed by a group of people who are EE's and have been designing speakers for a long time. 

It's not a bunch of parts being thrown together. 

I was told by the guys at the forum that this was a very hard build to start with but I soldiered on. 

Build and design time was about 1 year.  


Speakers - Design from HTguide by some extremely talented designers and EE's.

I called them Project Overkill.  

36" deep x 17" wide x 79" tall 380lbs without drivers/Over 500lbs each with drivers installed. 

Each speaker consist of:

  • 2-12" subwoofers powered separately
  • 2-10" woofers 
  • 2-7" mid woofers 
  • 1-titanium dome tweeter
  • 1" mdf with a 2" mdf front baffle. 
  • Silicone PTFE internal wiring
  • Custom made adjustable outriggers(stands)
  • Total cost for the pair was just over $3k. 


I will continue to add to this later on with my subwoofer builds and the home theater build. 




After I moved. 













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7 hours ago, xSNAKExPLISSKENx said:

Outstanding Job! Miss having all my woodworking tools not in storage, absolutely awesome speakers @Kingpin


Thanks man.  I can't believe it was 13 years ago I built those.  It was the first time I used a router.  First router I had was a cheap skill one.  I started doing a roundover and about an inch along the way the bit and part of the chuck went flying into the concrete wall at 25,000rpm.  Scared the crap out of me.  When I had a chance to look at the router the collet broke right off.  You could see the crappy metal had flaw in it.  Big bubble in the casting.  Returned it and bought a DeWalt with a 1/2" collet. No more 1/4 bits for me.  LOL 

Now I have 2-3 Routers for different jobs.  

I also try not to work with MDF much as the dust makes me sick. I have a special respirator that I use for mdf now that blocks the formaldehyde.  


7 hours ago, Rograt said:

Incredible work and details! Thanks for taking the time to show us KP :)

Thanks for looking!  :) 

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4 hours ago, DParadigm said:

@Kingpin... :wow::wow::wow::omg:


I am still in awe looking at the amount of work and effort you put into this thing. Absolutely wonderful. I would love to own a set of this in my family room 1f60d.png


Thanks.  I enjoy the work.  


Next is the first room I renovated to a home theater.  

The room was absolutely dead silent when I finished. 

26 bags of Safe & Sound Insulation was with the ceiling also covered in thick pile carpeting to help reduce sound transmission. 

All of the wiring had separate runs so the light switches and normal outlets never crossed over any of the theater wiring or in wall speaker wire. 

2- 20amp outlets for amplifiers. 

1-15amp outlet just for video sources. 

1-15amp outlet just for audio sources. 

Normally a room this size would have used maybe a roll of wiring. I ended up using 3 rolls.  

All the wiring was fastened every foot with wire staples and then filled with silicone to make sure no rattling. 

Corner Bass traps made by vertically stacking insulation and then covered with 1/8 plywood and covered with speaker material. 

The speakers you see are the same ones from up top but I cut the 2-12" subs off. 

Reason is very rarely are subs at the front of a room a good idea.  They weren't doing much. 

So I sold them and added 2-18" ported subwoofers that I built.

Those were also replaced with 2 sealed subs using the same 18" drivers on the side walls about 1/3 the way up.

They were powered by an external amp pushing 1300 watts per sub. 

Subs played down to 10hz comfortably in room at 110db. 


Picture026_zps2e63e002.jpg.71252c765962bd14fc3c161d1d0ef5ae.jpgPicture021_zpsb6fbac10.jpg.8fd0d5b0d2cef672fae3bea135414a72.jpgPicture025_zpsc3e80b63.jpg.d459fcd65bcb900333aef2b28d001ea9.jpg Untitled-2_zps3b4a817b.jpg.54391eb1be2440f8927225f4850c441f.jpgUntitled-3_zpsc5267bad.jpg.627f7441fa19be7da7c4b4faaa51a3ed.jpgUntggggitled-1_zps54d84c59.jpg.fb8e995405115ae5c82bf89170312eeb.jpgUntggggitled-13_zps14b5cd37.jpg.06d14388ddff3b56b150bda0f6e9e8aa.jpgUntggggitled-12_zps753a6083.jpg.e01591a2dd09936b0dabfa8f6a8040f7.jpgUntggggitled-14_zpsd64b6480.jpg.2087efbdc18ed93951b67c85d897cc19.jpgUntitled-8_zps7684f008.thumb.jpg.60b5d6728c0b2af4cb546755454a680d.jpgUntitled-9_zps0919092d.thumb.jpg.e804580b3a9aa048e4a593de417a1752.jpgUntitled-5_zps73cc25ca.jpg.21649342ad0b3d004620553494d88e19.jpgUntitled-6_zps23a8dca6.jpg.3c0ea4186e74bbeb54ab49ebb309eeb6.jpgUntitled-4_zps298fa130.thumb.jpg.6cb63b79ea029cddd6c4a51832d32934.jpgPicture001-10_zpse624d548.jpg.84c5141e83e336347f45cd62754d12c1.jpgPicture004-10_zps9a7656e7.jpg.c060fc31d9fc0f1cbd52d74f31e21a5b.jpgPicture007-6_zps41bf651d.jpg.80d1434b857531d3fcac0a18d5d4f67d.jpgPicture013-6_zpse9e30a0d.thumb.jpg.411224f8fc7cd1d284c3276cad1384cf.jpgPicture001_zpsf3537f49.thumb.jpg.95295a740bc123d81358adb29e2a3130.jpgPicture002_zpsdbdbdd54.thumb.jpg.396c8df34108db53dca82a77948a81e0.jpgPicture007_zps6e434913.thumb.jpg.188d9be5f05224e24d5525a8060d820e.jpgPicture010_zpsaa6146c7.jpg.08efd82e356e7503acb84537c7b956d8.jpgPicture012_zps33aa5b20.thumb.jpg.2cbc0ed0f0d0a7ee7bc904d4dd3385ee.jpgPicture004_zpse0b24b10.jpg.6965cfc252ca9e2edfa71c32b69dd33b.jpgPicture005_zpsfd79a336.thumb.jpg.4b689480933486d39028ff6fb183f6a3.jpgPicture006_zpsec466b58.thumb.jpg.8e9f87a8b9b7c616bc59b9f199074084.jpgPicture022_zps2469cd2c.thumb.jpg.678564a2d5ca6181a82c01ccc217eb35.jpgPicture023_zps0716ec10.thumb.jpg.199caf65f25e362d2780599c927abf4a.jpgUntitled-5-2-1_zps3fe1a27b.thumb.jpg.0706314c31e1a8b50ae7829e734de57d.jpgUntitled-6-1_zps5900329a.thumb.jpg.5c6353a12a8c406abced37211f6e2176.jpgUntitled-1-1_zps3bbad7ce.thumb.jpg.c6334745137c4e4a85fbffeabefb9591.jpgPicture003-2_zps2ad96acd.thumb.jpg.859ad5a75f3afec1a445079c69a32367.jpgPicture014_zps34551682.thumb.jpg.3abd116c9bd023c439939298dbc672d3.jpgPicture024_zpsbc6e3567.thumb.jpg.79af6cd36ebfabfb41b4ce461cda96dc.jpg0615082238a_zps1ea315eb.thumb.jpg.e11a28f1843a66c04e8ba4ff66b7330c.jpg0615082240_zps2bb5014d.thumb.jpg.1b357f148ad6d375626dfc9e24b5cde1.jpgPicture002-3-1_zps8f504c8f.jpg.cc4283385c8acd693189e182598b9829.jpgPicture003-3_zpsf4528912.thumb.jpg.3349a86ab0d150124b9f6f6c570b3dcb.jpgPicture006-2_zps52ad4cd0.jpg.1cb646778918c3d1709d44f511b944f2.jpgPicture034_zps18fd7627.thumb.jpg.a632673aa9def6e72a2f4e6c32b56e15.jpgPicture037_zps95596645.thumb.jpg.7d5b6335b2d2e00b558470d9acf9203e.jpgPicture041_zps1d053ec0.thumb.jpg.7ce514e47875597a67f8ab78683668c0.jpgPicture005_zpsdcc83747.thumb.jpg.f6fa705b60dbf79bf68fd8d4ccf849f0.jpg 




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6 minutes ago, extantsrevenge said:

@Kingpin:omg::wow: man these are awesome, you certainly have a talent for this 1f44d.png I still dread my technical workclass from school, I never enjoed that 1f606.png

Thanks buddy!  :)


I grew up in the family hardware store. Worked there from the age of 5. 

I was cutting glass and fixing windows and screens by myself at 8 years old.  

My mom hated seeing me cutting sheets of glass 4'x4' and then carrying them down 25 stairs into the basement to fix the windows.  

I even would enter glass cutting competitions at the shows.  I never won but people were amazed that a 10 year old was able to do some of the things I did like free hand a circle out of a piece of glass and pop it out without breaking the glass around it.  

Sounds easy but very difficult. 




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7 minutes ago, Kingpin said:

Thank you.  But to be totally honest I didn't build the center that is made by Paradigm.  1f61c.png

Ahhhh... now you know where my User ID come from..... ?

Paradigm Studio 100, CC-690 and Sub 12 are my HT set and I love them dearly. Hence, my User ID. 

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31 minutes ago, DParadigm said:

Ahhhh... now you know where my User ID come from..... 1f601.png

Paradigm Studio 100, CC-690 and Sub 12 are my HT set and I love them dearly. Hence, my User ID. 

Very nice!  Canadian made.  Great company! 

I think my center was a CC-390.  

Can't remember.  

I was going to buy the Studio but I had plans on building a center so I didn't want to spend the money on it.  


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Next is the set of huge ported subwoofers I called "The Beluga's" after the whale due to their colour and size. 

Each cabinet is 24" wide x 36" high x 60" deep.  2x3x5 feet and weigh 300lbs each.  

The subwoofer drivers are 21" made by a Canadian company called Mach5.  

Each one has it own amplifier feeding it 2750 watts each on a 20 amp outlet. 

Made from 3/4" MDF with a 2.5" thick front baffle.  

Tuned to 12hz they play down to [email protected] in room together.  

These are the pictures from last year when I had my theater room in the basement.  

I have since moved my business and built a lab/clean room down there. 

The sub boxes are in the furnace room and I took the drivers out and made a sealed box for each. 

Roughly 20"x34"x20".  I use them as stands for my speakers and to hold my tv up until I build my new speakers which are very close to the Utimate speakers in my mind.  

But that is for another day. 

Last couple pictures are the sealed subs.  Nothing special and the room sucks for theater but it is what it is right now. 
























Dim. Drawing.jpg



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On 3/12/2018 at 4:39 AM, ukade2327 said:

@Kingpin ,      Truly stunning work you have done ......I am in awe of those speakers.......great workmanship ........thanks for sharing your builds......1f44d.png1f44d.png


On 3/12/2018 at 5:49 AM, Scary Hair said:



The last time I saw speakers like that it was Rock City Nottingham watching Maralin Manson live :wow:.


That @Kingpin is a Labour of love and GOOD ON YA 1f917.png


23 hours ago, DParadigm said:

@Kingpin. This is one impressive set buddy. I have never seen a HT like this before. I swear. :TRUCDEOUF:


3 hours ago, nefilim said:


'Coz I haven't post pics of mine.



Thanks everyone.  :) 

Building things like these is a labour of love.  

I wish my finishing skills were better but I'm happy with the way most of the things turn out.  

I remember the day I sold the first set of speakers I made. It was a sad day and I wish I never had to.  

But I was moving and luckily I was offered an obscene amount of money for them.  



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Alright so this brings me to the latest project that I have been gathering parts and having drivers tested and x-overs created for the past 2 years. 

I just don't have the room for them once the are built so I am holding off until I do.  


These are a no hold barred, no expense too large front Left, Center and rIght speaker.  

I still have not chosen the design as there are pros and cons to both regarding weight and materials. 

I would love to have them fabricated out of 1/2" thick aluminum but not sure I can afford to do so.  

But I would like to incorporate the aluminum somewhere like the front baffle.  

Design consists of: 

1 - waveguide/horn with a 2" opening. 

1 - 2445 JBL compression driver

1 - Beryllium diaphragm to replace the crappy diaphragm in the above 2445. 

2 - 15" JBL 2226 drivers for mid - mid low bass. 


Cost of materials so far. 

3- Iwata waveguide's - $680 x 3 = $2040

3- 2445 compression drivers - $250 x 3 = $750

3- Beryllium diaphragms - $500 x 3 = $1500

6 x 15" JBL 2226 mid bass drivers - $300 x 6 = $1800

Custom x-overs - $800 x 3 - $2400

Enclosure build for 3 speakers - $3000 - $9000

Custom aluminum adjustable stand for waveguide - $500 x 3 + $1500

Misc. Parts and wiring - $500 x 3 = $1500


Project cost to date $8490

Enclosure cost - $3-$9000

Additional parts - $3000


Total projected cost of $14,000 - $20,000 once completed for 3 speakers. 


All I have are pictures are parts, drawings I did with sketchup and measurements for the speakers. 

I will try and describe above each picture.  


Original cabinets I bought to use the parts.  These are the types of speakers found in theaters behind screens.  



My friend Ryan.  He is holding one of the waveguides custom made in Poland.  He is also the xover designer and and genius behind all the mathematics. 



Horn attached to the compression driver from JBL.  Just those black pieces each weigh 45lbs.  Have to be careful not to crack the fibreglass waveguide. 



$1500 USD worth of Truextent Beryllium 4" replacement diaphragms.  These go inside that black piece above. 



Original crappy titanium diaphragm 



Beryllium installed successfully without and holes or dust. 



Open air 3D testing.  Yes that is the test speaker on his roof to get as little boundry effect and accurate measurements as possible. 



More measurements and the important ear test for tuning. 



Mesurements showing how good the Berillium is compared to the titanium diaphragm.  The Blue line is Berillium and has a lot less breakup and is good to 18khz. 

Where the titanium breaksup everwhere and falls off at 10khz.  

Meaning a much smoother and cleaner sound right through up to 18khz.  



Overall frequency response.  Tuned from 32hz to 20khz.  It has been changed to 40hz to 20khz after proper port tuning.  



My 2 designs which I have not decided on as of yet. 



Bracket system for the waveguide.  



My beautiful Powersoft amp that will power the 3 speakers at roughly 1000 watts each.  

This is the same type of amp used by people like the Rolling Stones on tour.  

Digital, powerful, clean and solid throughout.  



Misc. Pics. 



2 videos to the design made by Ryan.  

1st video of sound testing and 2nd crappy video of how impressed he is with the Beryllium. 



Thanks for looking.  I hope those interested enjoyed my posts.  

I know it's a lot of stuff but I like to talk.  :D   


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