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Favourite series?


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Basically I'm a massive fan of US TV series , British can't make american style series for s***, c'mon you telling me we can make stuff like, 24 , Sons of Anarchy , Breaking Bad , Fargo , Preacher , Legion , Justified , Longmire, Blind spot etc not to mention all the Marvel and DC stuff.......nuff said ....haven't got time to watch British TV......

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29 minutes ago, ukade2327 said:

Yes agreed , these are very good , just saying we never make anything to compete with the US genres .......suppose the US has bigger budgets .......

It's the bling I think . It's a shame here in yhe U.K most are gobbled up by SKY witch we refuse to have .

Also the whole superhero Marvel deal mostly it boars my  Great_Tit_(Parus_major)_1.jpg.2a86aa1a409037269a271aa21a56672a.jpg's off ?? sorry it dose .



I loved series 1 of TWD it was so well crafted .

I havent seen an episode since series 5 much to my shame ?. 

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I'm watching the new series 5 of Prison Break & season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Recently finished Legion & Iron Fist.

Whilst I love TV Series, I can't watch too many from scratch in case they get pulled. I watched TerraNova, Alcatraz & another show which the name of which escapes me right now, but all got cancelled. 

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57 minutes ago, Darogal said:

nice, the thread going to get alive ... thx and tomorrow i go on with  daredevil but also the last 2 seasons from twd and the last one from grim, and the second from bosch are on my watch list.

some different but i like the difference. 1f609.png

Just finished watching season 2 of Bosch , very good , recommended...?????

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57 minutes ago, Rdator said:

I'm going way back but my favorite TV show of all time is St. Elsewhere.  It was never popular and always in danger of being canceled but at its best, it was the finest writing and acting I've watched. If a complete series DVD set came out, I would snatch it up immediately.

I remember that too. It was very good.

isn't there dvd set available. Like HERE

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