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UHD CLUB Schindler's List (UHD CLUB Exclusive EC#01) (Leather Edition) (4K/2D Blu-ray) [China]

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Release Date : Release Date around mid April 2019

Price : $84

Qty: 300 worldwide







Leather case edition containing the fullslip edition .


Media Psychos Exclusive Free Gift for all participants of this GB. Gift created by @ksosk.



More pictures








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An important update from UHD CLUB:


Currently, the leather edition prototype falls below their expectation and UHD Club is working with their manufacturing to rectify the issue. To that sense, some possible changes are made :

1. Only 100 copies of this edition will be produced (instead of the original 300 copies)

2. A wooden box edition will be made if ever the leather edition doesn't meet their standard.

Meanwhile, a fullslip edition is in production and releasing on 8th February.



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5 minutes ago, extantsrevenge said:

@ksosk is the Fullslip the Edition that will be in the Box (leather or wooden), or is the packaging for this even more different?


@extantsrevenge Yes. Thank you for pointing that out.

Fullslip edition will be exactly the same as what is placed into the leather/wooden box edition. So, the fullslip has 200 copies sold worldwide and will be good for collectors who don't fancy larger packaging!




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Hey @Tandy , I saw that you requested for a copy of this leather edition as well as the fullslip edition.

Just want you to know that the leather edition contains the fullslip edition with an extra leather case. This is what UHD CLUB has informed MP.

If you want only one edition, please kindly state your preference =)



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2 hours ago, lp19036 said:

Hi, Does anybody received some news from UHD Club ?  New test with Leather or confirmed wood ?  New date of release (as it was postponed to March but we are the 28 ;-) ) ?

No worries, just to check if we have news.

Thank you for asking!!

Yes, this release is definitely a leather edition :)

UHD will be pioneering a 4-colour leather printing for this release. With their first release, Wonder Woman, UHD did a full colour printing on wood and it took much longer than expected for the final product to look perfect. 

This is delayed too :(

Let me link up with them to get more updates! 



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