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Blufans - How to get Gold

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Hey guys!


First of all, sorry if I didn't post in the correct session, I took the one with "Help" as it's what I need :) 


I would like to know if there is still a way and to know how we can get the gold status with Blufans.

I own a fair amount of their editions and I have missed on 2 I would have loved to have my hands on (Spiderman and Ghost in the Shell) so I'd like to see if I can avoid missing any other low quantity edition in the future while I could get them :) 


Thanks for your help! 

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Firstly @Ryve it is best to tag someone. 

A Mod or Admin. 

That will get you a quicker response. It is not always possible to read every post, and something like this can be missed. 


Secondly, you need to talk to @Masterblaster and find out if there are anymore “Gold” slots available. 


Also please note that being a Gold Member does not guarantee that you will get a copy of every “limited” release. With over 50 Gold Members it will be difficult to service them all, if we only get 25 copies for a particular GB. 

Being a Gold Member certainly does put you in the best position to get one, but does not guarantee it. 


Much like anything in life really. 

Nothing is guaranteed. ?




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@Ryve You're too late. Or I should say, too late on this round of gold. Gold memberships were available in the topic over here but have since closed and I'm assuming from that (as well as the title saying "CLOSED") that all of the gold memberships have been allocated for the time being. If you keep your eye out in however many months gold memberships will probably have slots again though.

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Hello mon amis :)


"Gold Blufans" n'est pas un statut en fait ....

C'est uniquement le fait d'être membre Gold MediaPsychos qui peut ou NON t' avantager sur un GB strictement limité.. comme ce qui c'est passé..

Apres comme dit @DodgyDave si demain il y a 50 membres Gold et 50 inscrits au GB et uniquement 20x copies le fait d'être GOLD ne t'avantageras pas ;)


(Évidemment ne pas confondre avec le fait d'être VIP Blufans qui est géré par Kevin)



N'hésite pas si tu veux d'autres détails ?

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Thanks for your replies guys. Indeed I was confused with the Gold and Blufans being linked here, and I do get it now. And obviously I do understand that Gold status doesn't mean everything is granted for ever and whatever the case :) 


Thanks @Benoit46 as well for your PM, I really appreciate! 


If I may or not be a part of the gold members, that will not change my point of view on the great deal of job you're doing here and that I'll keep trusting you :D 


Thanks again! 

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