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Mediapsychos' Lingo Dictionary

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OOS :  Out of Stock


OOP :  Out of Print


WWA :  Worldwide Art - Available from numerous retailers around the world


WEA :  World Exclusive Art - Available from a single retailer


AMARAY :  A plain case with a 3/4 cover-art and a top space for logo such as 'bluray'




SCANAVO :  A bigger and thicker case with cover art filling the full case, although scanavo is really a brand name that even produces steel cases




OP :  Original Post


GB :  Group Buy


OAB :  Only At Blufans


OC :  One Click - a single purchase of all available editions of the title.


BOXSET :  A one-click order that comes with a box to hold all the editions.


MP :  Mediapsychos


HUB :  An allocation centre under MP to collect and ship out orders.


DL :  Double Lenticular


SL :  Single Lenticular


FS :  Full Slip


KEEPCASE :  A poly box that is usually the size of a DVD case.


FUTUREPAK :  A thicker tinplate that, when opened, will not have a spine area.


DIGIBOOK :  A bound book edition that includes art booklet attached to the bounding and contains the disc.  




DIGIPAK :  A cardboard slipcase (usually in a folder style) with the disc holder attached to the case and a separate booklet.




MEDIA BOOK :  Similar to a digibook, except that it is often larger. It is most commonly used in Germany.


O-RING :  Also known as a slipsleeve, is a cardboard slipcase that slips over the bluray case as a protective cover.


1/4 SLIP :  A cardboard slip that allows a steelbook to be slotted into and covers only the bottom quarter of the steelbook.




J-CARD :  A cardboard slip that is similar to a quarter slip without the sides to make the slip acts like a holder.









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DL Double Lenticular


Both Full Slip Flat sides have a Lenticular image .


SL Single Lenti


Normally the frount flat side .




Full Slip no lenticular however  may be Embossed / Debossed




Normally contains an Amray ( Plastic case ) .


Future Pack 


Differs to a steelbook as it can be slightly bigger alsomthe opening is more hinged case like .


Media Book 


A case like a book that contains the disk of the film then further pages relating to the realise .


Digi Book 


More or less the same as a Media Book .


Sticker Book 


A steelbook rather than painted the image is sticker that is then sealed in .


O Ring Lenticular


Is an open end at the top Lenticular rather than the side .


Flip Flop Lenticular 


Is a transition Lenticular with a defined image at each point .




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