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Bestbuy: Usually sends in envelope and 50% of the time is damaged by mail service. Occasionally comes in box, but still 25% chance for spine slash or dinged edge. Can usually get steelbooks in great shape in store day of release. Usually buy online for in store pick up.  Depends on your store.  Some stores treat the steelbooks terribly and everyone is damaged.  Some are a little gentler on them and have ones in great shape for instore pickup.


Shoutfactory: Sends singles in envelope that are easily dented.  Never bought 2 at time, but 3 sent in a box with with little protection other that it being stored on white Shoutfactory paper. 1 out about 8 came perfect. 4 of 8 came in reasonable condition with just small dents or spine slashes.  Even if it survives the mail, it is usually damaged from the company before sending.  Best chance is the ones that were in Best Buy stores or FYE stores before they get picked through. 


FNAC: Uses a box to ship and DHL and only takes about a week to get to US.  No bubble wrap, so multiple steelbook tend to bang into each other during transit.  Singles tend to arrive without damage, but sometimes FNAC puts the steelbook sideways in the box so it is right near the edge of the box and one wrong tap of the box damages the steelbook.  75% of single releases survive transit and arrive in great condition.  Usually try to order a bunch of prereleases at the same time that are all released at different times and they will ship jdividually.


Zavvi:  Used to ship everything in its own cardboard mailer.  The design of the carboard mailer is just awesome and >75% of time it survives the trip.  Now apparently send multiples together which I don't trust so usually buy individuals and just pay the extra $5 per delivery to hope it arrives in good shape.  It it doesn't Zavvi will usually offer a percent refund or if refund is repeatedly refused will offer replacement if product is still available.  Each email response takes 24 hours, so patience is needed.  Long delivery times are not unusual at minimal 7 days and up to 30 days or longer.  I believe it it gets over 30 days you should contact them to make sure it wasnt lost in the mail.  Usually if the steelbook survives the trip it arrives in great condition as Zavvi seems to show better care handling steelbooks than Best Buy.


Cede:  They charge in Euros and don't charge shipping.  Similar cardboard mailer like Zavvi bit thinner.  Takes a little longer longer than FNAC to arrive, but not as long as Zavvi.  Have Disney 3d steelbooks at awesome prices currently.


Not sure anyone will ever look at this, but just wanted to share my experiences if anyone interested.

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