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... But this goes to 11 !?

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Hey Ya All !

Let's activate a bit !


I have this totally random scenario :

You meet a friend in a blu-ray shop - you have in your hand premium version of a film X - your friend normal version. You pay A LOT, your friend not so much.


He wonders : "why, my friend be foolish and pay that much, you ain't even gonna open the package and watch the movie, still you pay way more than me ? Should I inform someone, that your mind ain't excatly right ? - I do care for you ?!"


You reply :  ?????????


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I guess some people are happy with the basic things in life ,

Why have Cotton when you can have silk, ?

Why have Amaray when you can have Premium Steel ?

Aim for the higher things in life.......

Be one of the few instead of one of the many ...

Soar like an Eagle instead of Flying with Turkeys..........!

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