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Blufans Jason Bourne (Blufans OAB #28) (WWA Blu-ray Steelbook) [China]


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Single lenti steel is nice!!

Would be great to see BF start a trend of different steel designs in a boxset but everyone will go bonker choosing haha.


Just to help out what the chinese texts say:

In the Single Lenticular Edition - Fullslip is lenticular; steelbook design A; 24pages booklet

In the Fullslip Edition - Exclusive embossed slip; steelbook design B; postcards


No description was given for the boxset.




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On 11/1/2017 at 4:04 AM, Scary Hair said:

The steels in my lowly need to be swapped  then that Full slip would be hard to resist , almost impossible to resist1f60d.png1f60d.png .


Show the Fullslip some love Ann, It's sad noone's selecting it outside a 1-Click! I think it's nice, I just only need 1 edition of this movie.


On 11/1/2017 at 3:53 AM, atomicblonde said:

I haven't seen this yet but I'm really digging that single lenti. Guess we'll see if I cave lol


Should I turn the peer pressure screws?

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12 hours ago, atomicblonde said:

I know deep down if the GB didn't close so soon / the release come so soon I would've one clicked this bad boy. I actually liked the movie a lot, and glad they brought back Matt Damon. At least I'll be content with the lenti!

I actually waited too long and missed this.. I was hesitant to choose either one.. but would have also gone with the Lenti since it has different steel art from the WA. But eventually probably would have gone with the once click since i do like the full slip more. Oh well that's why I ended up getting all 3 of the Rouge One...  to fill this void left by Matt Damon. lol. Really like the Bourne series.. but i hope that if another is made.. it goes in a slightly different direction. Maybe him being on the offense and not the defense. All 4 movies are essentially the same story told a very different way. All they really do is add a little back story on Bourne to justify a new movie. Maybe he should join the Avengers since that went well for Renner. ?? Or have Renner and Damon meet up and not necessarily become buddies.. but a fight scene with them taking a couple baddies (like 150+ heavily armed goons) at a super-assassin drug distribution facility would be pretty intense! With a few of the test subjects getting up to whoop some @$$. LOL.. PROBABLY TOOK IT TOO FAR... NOW IT JUST SOUNDS LIKE UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. 

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