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Greets from France! :-)


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Hello everybody! I am French, my name is Steve and I am 36 years old. 

I am happy to be able to share my passion with you. I collect steelbooks for about 2 years, I have about 150 for the moment. I'm a fan of SF and fantasy, especially Star Wars, Alien, and Marvel and DC universes. Thank you and see you soon! ?


Benoit me voilà, c'est Steve Cft ?

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Hi @CS57 and thanks for saying hello! You beat me to sending out my standard get to know us message. ☺️


I hope you enjoy the forums and here's the little tour I usually give, though you seem to be able to find your way around.

Skipping the member introduction part:


For news about upcoming steelbooks and premiums, check out our member-exclusive release section with all that we know about what's to come.

Release Section


Then, if you happen to be a fan of a particular film, franchise, retailer or group of films then check out our discussion clubs.

Member Clubs


If English isn't your first language, we also have forums for non-English speakers as we have plenty of International members.

International Chat


Last but certainly not least, check out our group buy section for your chance at acquiring otherwise hard-to-get titles from premium retailers.

Group Buys


Feel free to give a hollar if you have any questions!



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I am sure you will fit right in as quite a few of the gang have the same tastes as you ???.

Witch is a good thing because the more the merrier when we all get chatting away among the threads ???.



Anything you need please remember we are only a PM away or a @ in thread just make sure the @ turns blue or we will miss it @scary Hair @Scary Hair 

Best Wishes Ann ? ? ?

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