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Black Barons American Made (Black Barons Exclusive No.9) (Blu-ray Steelbook) [Czech Republic]


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1 hour ago, bgoodman112 said:

Finally great news.... thought black barons might be folding as fast as Manta Global...... Getting nervous i struck out on another release line... 

So glad to hear its still alive. Cant wait. 

Yeah, I'm glad BB are still going too. 

I've got 2 complete sets of their releases, just waiting for them to do a 100 copies only "reward" release. 



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33 minutes ago, bgoodman112 said:

Yeah i have 1 set of all the releases and would love to get my hands on one of the 100 copie releases. 

I got into filmarena too late and am still chasing AASB and Wolf on Wall St.

Probably never find them. I have at least 1 copy of all the other releases. 


AASB is getting a little easier to find at least on eBay but not without paying an arm and a leg. I personally paid $$$ way more than I wanted to but I really genuinely love the movie so it was a must have. I think I have #6 or #9 or something like that. As for Wolf of Wall Street... I think that's completely gone when it comes to direct from FA as the person who just sold theirs was #92 and I think there were only 100 copies. And the one that just sold on ebay sold for $1000+ USD, so it may as well be an arm, two legs, and bother of your kidneys to pick up lol. I don't doubt that AASB isn't far from your grasp!!

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22 minutes ago, bgoodman112 said:

Yeah it is a little frustrating, i figured it was because they were just starting that line and trying to rush to get somr releases out. Im hoping now that its established they will put together titles that are outside the mainstream, but deserve good treatment. Im hopeful.


IF that was / is the case then fair enough establish the name and Quality make your own path .


That's why I admire Plain Archive , Steel Archive and EverythingBlu  so much they take a risk and do not compromise on the quality. 


I really hope this happens with Black Barrons .

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On 22-12-2017 at 3:41 AM, Guiltybyproxy said:

Whoa. Tempted to get this. Love BB editions, and hope they start releasing better titles. Like, uh... Fight Club, for example. Lol. Or even Inception. 

Think you'll have to go to another retailer when you want titles like that ;)

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  • extantsrevenge changed the title to American Made (Black Barons Exclusive No.9) (Blu-ray Steelbook) [Czech Republic]

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