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Group Buy Phase 2 Tutorial: Tracking & Forecasting

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So you've successfully completed the Phase 1 Tracking Tutorial and are able to recall all the Group Buys you've joined. You may now be asking, "Great, but what do I do with this newfound recall?" or maybe that's just me.


Well, need it or not, Media Psychos is proud to announce that it's here to help you some more by providing a tool for you to put that knowledge into an actionable format, a spreadsheet. Now, spreadsheets aren't for everyone and their utility is not always apparent; but this one is set up in a way that will help you to track pending group buys and forecast what they'll potentially cost with a few handy formulas. Teaching how to use a spreadsheet is beyond the scope of this tutorial. If the very word makes you want to hide in a cupboard, this may not be for you. If you're still on board, however, and want to know if it can be of use, the spreadsheet is located here:


Group Buy Tracking Template


It contains some initial sample data, but is only viewable as is. To be able to edit your own copy, you need to do one of 2 things.

  1. If logged in to Google, you can make a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google storage by selecting this option in the "File" menu in Google Sheets.


    You will then see a dialogue box asking what to name it and where to save it (on Google Drive).

  2. If you're aren't logged into Google, the first option will not be available from the File menu, however you can export the spreadsheet as an Excel document by selecting the "Download as" option instead. This isn't the best option, however, as the formulas in the spreadsheet use Google Sheets syntax. If you don't have a Google account, why don't you have a Google account?


    From there you will have the option of opening in whatever spreadsheet program you have installed or saving directly.


    I haven't even tried it in another program; so again, I recommend the first option.


So, the basic functionality is as follows:

  • Enter information about the title and editions in columns A-E.
  • If some variation of "To Update" is entered as the "Edition" in column C,  that gets flagged and pops red in the summary at the top of the page to remind us how many titles we need to update!
  • The "Group By Close" date in D will turn red if the date has been entered and has passed and you snoozed away your chance to request an edition.
  • The "Cost Estimate" in Column F is just that, our best guess at what it will cost based on our existing knowledge of premium pricing. This is to help people to forecast how much they need to squirrel away for the GBs they've committed to and is also flagged and pops in red in the top summary as "Estimate Owed". The "Estimate Owed" is the total minus what's already been paid out (which is summarized below that in "Paid to Date").
  • The "Shipping Method" in column G is a pulldown with the options of "Direct" and "HUB" since those are really the only options we offer at present (we're still working on teleportation). As 2 payments are generally required an amount must be added to both ""1st Payment Amt" and "2nd Payment Amt" for the "Total Paid" field to turn green. Until then, if there is an item with a shipping method selected but incomplete payment, the field in "Total Paid" will remain red. If there was actually only a single invoice required, then just put "0" in the "2nd Payment Amt" field to mark the item as paid and have it turn green. The total amount of items that still need to be paid for (either partially or in full) are summarized in the top section as well under "To Pay".
  • Finally, the totally amount already paid out to MP is in the top summary as "Paid to Date" and is calculated from Column L ("Total Paid"). As previously mentioned, this is subtracted from the total amount that you have estimated to owe in "Estimate Owed".


Easy right? Well, it's all easier than it sounds…I think. Give it a whirl and feel free to offer some feedback. I hope you find it useful. If not, then just forget you ever saw me (I'll be hiding in the cupboard).






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