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Find Me In The Drift

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Well it needs an update these are OLD pictures why not 


The well Some Of the Steelbooks . The Japanese 1st edition like the Future Shop is missing from the photos .

Blufans Slip Frount And Back , Steelbook .

Future Shop Steel

Amazon Japan 2nd Edition Steelbook


U.K and USA DVD 

UK Steelbook Amray and Slip

Japan Steelbook

CD UK and Japanese Import ?


Books Are 


Makeing Of The Move

Prequil Novel

Note pad that I couldn't resist .

Comic Serialisation




T Shirt 



Action Figures

18 inch Fully Articulate Gypsey Danger

9 inch Hong Kong Brawl

3 inch Scaleer




Action Figures and Cool Items

Comic Con Exclusive End Title Jaggers

Paracord Kaiju Alarm Bracelet


Las Vagas Motel Key Cards Both Versions



European Lenti 


See YOU In The Drift ???



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7 minutes ago, 45Caliber said:

@Scary Hair What a collection! I didn't know you were that big of a fan. I may have further questions and kinda wanna read the Prequel.


The Steel to own content alone is The Blufans . The choppers on the slip are magnificent .

Word of advise the slip is tight the steel is HIGH Gloss . Take it out it scuffs after 2 so I keep them separately ??.

If I can help I will ?

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10 hours ago, ukade2327 said:

Wow Ann , you certainly kept that quiet , looks like Adam Jensen has some serious competition......

OOHHH he dose at that . A bit worrying as the main obsessions are a Human / Machine Fusion ???.

 I LOVE everything about the Movie especially The Jaegers Gypsy is my Favourite as she is deffinately Female NEVER Backs down in a fight ?.

By the way I nicked your idea of the Collarge for the pictures ????.

8 hours ago, 45Caliber said:

I'm going to ask HDZeta and Manta to do 1-Clicks of PR so you can feel our pain!

I am expecting it especially IF Uprising dose well ??. WHO NEEDS FOOD AND A roof when you can have Jaegers and Kaiju's ??.

4 hours ago, extantsrevenge said:

Great Collection @Scary Hair you must be excited about the 2nd movie 1f609.png

I was worried about it not haveing Del Toro at the help and Ramin Djawadi not being on the team for the soundtrack . Looking at that One Pilot Com Pod is what has me intreged as will the Jaegers be the same size? ?? .

Lots of Questions not long now I hope until we get some answers ???

@hdblueman a pleasure and THANK YOU ????.

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