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Titanic (Creator Era Exclusive CE #05)

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Retail Price: $72 

Note: Slip only,  No steelbook included!


Beautyshots (Artwork and contents subject to change by retailer):






Media Psychos is proud and excited to announce the next title in our Creator Era line -


James Cameron's classic TITANIC



titanic kate winslet GIF



This new exclusive slip only edition will feature a character based original artwork steeped in period specific design elements and embodying less frequently seen character moments and details.  This one of a kind and specially commissioned artwork will be exclusive to this edition, hand drawn and in keeping with the quality of CE#1 - 4.  This edition will also feature a full size lenticular and a wood title spine.


We have learned from prior editions that the best way to approach these absolutely unique, artist driven, products is to give the artists free rein to pursue their creative vision - hence Creator Era.   Of course, given the costs of commissioning original, unique artwork from the most talented graphic artists in the world, we can only commit to produce this title if 100 editions are purchased.   


This time around, to further incentivize members to sign up for this unique group buy early, we will be including a special card with the names of first 100 members included on a specially created "sponsorship" card to be included with the edition.


A few more details:

  • This full slip will be the same size as CE#1 - 4;
  • Steelbook is NOT included;
  • The fullslip will be produced with high quality printing techniques.
  • If you commit to the group buy, you MUST purchase the edition even if you are dissatisfied with the final artwork;
  • Edition will feature a full size lenticular and a spine title in Wood.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the sponsorship team for Creator Era CE #5 Titanic and sign up today.



titanic GIF




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We have an exciting new GB from our friends Creator Era. This time we decided to present you the complete BS with the opening of the GB, so you already know what you order.


Titanic is supposed to be released in 4K this year and we will surely get a Steelbook release. So this Exclusive Collector's Box/Slip will be the perfect item to store your Steelbook in.


The Beautyshot is posted above and the GB we just launched can be found here

Join now and become


with this Exclusive Special Limited Product that will enhance any collection.

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il y a 7 minutes, extantsrevenge a dit :

@Ryve @ukade2327 you two request Titanic when we launched the General CE GB that we paused as we still needed to check some things. Can you please place a new order in this GB for Titanic.

Thanks for the heads up! I placed a new order for it, I was sure I wanted it but seeing the BS now I am even more sure, that looks amazing 😍

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14 minutes ago, larson1977 said:

Will the price be the same as for Gladiator ($100)? And even more important; will the steelbook fit?

I got some info. the retail price will be $72. So that is the item price without the additional coasts like shipping, fees, tax.

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il y a 16 minutes, extantsrevenge a dit :

I got some info. the retail price will be $72. So that is the item price without the additional coasts like shipping, fees, tax.

Good price I think! Well after shipping and tax it will cost the same price as the Titanic itself but it is what it is 😅

Can't wait to see how it renders in hands, wood finish are always something 😍

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Love this movie, but the artwork just isn't my cup of tea. A little too busy, IMHO. Not sure about that shot of Kate Winslet on the back either, seems a bit gratuitous. Spine is great though! Love the idea to do a wood spine. Glad to see some folks are digging this. Fingers crossed the 4K is released soon!



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