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Hello, again.


I posted a long introduction in the old site but this time ill keep it much shorter :)


Im Jamie, from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England.

Main likes are Steelbooks (even though ive cut down on these to just MCU, DC CU, and the odd release that i fancy), Marvel & DC Comic tv shows, Funko Pops and Wrestling (Watch nearly everything i can from uk indys, Impact, WWE , NJPW and more.)

Other interests include Football. Man Utd fan and since moving to Abingdon last year, became a fan of a local team, Reading. Been to a few matches and already have a season ticket for next season which they may even get promoted this season so Reading vs Man Utd live could be a possibility ; )

Favourite films: Dark Knight, Iron man, Shaun of the Dead, Grease & Dirty Dancing (No lie, Mums favourite film & being shown on free tv in uk nearly every month, its always on.) Im looking forward to seeing La La Land, brought a Walmart 3 disc amaray with awesome slipcover of ebay yesterday as definitely sounds like a film id like. 





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On 29/04/2017 at 11:52 PM, Scary Hair said:


At last a real HELLO , WELCOME TO the all new shiny Psycho HQ . 

I AM Sure we have a few football loving Psychos around the wards feel free to start up a thread B|



Its definitely shiny, im like a magpie when it comes to shiny things lol  ?Yh seen a couple of people mention football 


Thanks for everyones replies 

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2 hours ago, docsparrow59 said:

Hi the red devil 

Welcome here. Hope we can talk about steelbooks of course but football too.

Good luck for the Europa League 1f609.png

yh Europa League this year but hopefully they'll win and get back into Champions League. Top 4 finish in Premier League is looking less likely so Europa League is last hope.


1 hour ago, nefilim said:


Hi and Welcome ! 1f44d.png

sigh English and their love of football, even in blu-ray forum sigh


Btw I'm from Finland. And we are NOT known for our football skills.

ha ha, I actually struggle to find anywhere where there is good equal football discussion, hopefully here on MP it can change. 


1 hour ago, RhodW said:

@Jb162009 Reading? What about Oxford Utd?! I've just moved to Oxford this month :)

Lol, well it came about by accident really. My brother's girlfriend and her Dad are huge Reading fans (they live between Wallingford & Didcot, so nearer Reading) so he started going with them this season. Just after the New Year he invited me and i loved it so been to nearly every home game since. Jaap Stam being ex-Utd is a huge plus ;) Play Offs were confirmed last week so hopefully they can stay 3rd this weekend as then going to both games is likely. If so, will be Fulham Away on a Saturday and then at Home on a Tuesday evening which is alot easier than trying to go away late evening mid week. 


How are you liking Oxford? Ive only ever been their shopping and we moved to Abingdon last March. Up and down there daily at the minute to visit to my Mum whos in the Jr, if i had a £1 for every time ive been to JR, id have enough to buy every steelbook release ?

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@Jb162009 WWE now your talking my language .

I used to be very active with them , not soooo much now , ill watch every now and then when i get a few minutes from the wife and daughter. 

Had to stop watching it in the presence of my daughter after she did a move on me while i was laying on the rug, she ran up and dived right on my stomach with all her weight , that sucker hurt (if you get my drift) was not just the stomach involved in that move .... LOL


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