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CLOSED The Dark Knight Trilogy:- Poster Set Give-Away.


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As promised, a give-away for a set of the posters that KS @ksosk did at the time of the HDz Trilogy GB. 

These are stunning and the set includes the rare "extra" poster for staff members at that time. The bottom one in pic 11. (I think) 

The GB is open to Tier Members and Staff, including Hubmasters, who were not around at the time. Regular Members may post pics of their collection if they wish, but they will not be considered for the final decision. 

Just post pics of your collection of TDK Trilogy stuff, including MP Bling and your username somewhere. Also adding an impassioned plea, if you feel your collection isn't the biggest/best. 

I will ask KS if he will be the final judge on this. Admin and senior staff can also offer him their opinion who should win, based on their knowledge of members and the quality of the "impassioned plea". It will be his final decision though. 

Here are some pics of what is on offer. They are stunning and fit nicely in the HDz Motherbox. As in pic 12.

Only the posters are in the Give-Away. Not the Motherbox and contents obviously. ;)

Good luck to all that take part. 


@★Platinum Psycho 2023★ @★Gold Psycho 2023★ @★ Administrators ★




























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 @DodgyDave @ksosk Here is my Dark Knight Trilogy Collection! I don't own the HDZeta set mainly because I had given up buying premiums when these were released. I would like to buy them now, but the prices are still pretty steep for these. I was able to buy my UHD Club and my Blufans sets for less than what a HDZeta set would cost. Anyway, here it is! 





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@DodgyDave @ksosk Here are pictures of my Nolan Dark Knight HDZeta Gold set!


I started collecting premiums a bit too late to get this when it released, however, Nolan is my favorite director, and HDZeta Gold is my favorite distributor, so I knew I had to have what I consider to be the definitive set! I was able to get a motherbox in the end of year sale, and @Masterblasterwas good enough to include empty one click boxes to fill it out. Over time I have acquired sealed one click boxes to replace those (unfortunately my numbers don't match, but that was not a deal breaker!) The empty boxes now adorn the top of my shelves, as the lenticular on them is fantastic! 

That is the story of how I acquired this set. Now for my impassioned plea, I have doffed my garments to replace them with a burlap sack, and laid out uncooked rice to kneel upon, as I implore you to consider my request:


I was lucky in marriage, and found a lovely, understanding wife, but my luck ends there. When it comes to raffles and drawings, I am worse than unlucky! I feel like if there were two of us, and I was told I needed one out of ten coin flips to be chosen, I still would lose! I enter, as hope springs eternal, but if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all, except as previously mentioned.

When the Powerball went over 1 billion, my wife and I bought 200 tickets, just to try our luck and have some excitement! We didn't match a single number! The laws of probability end at the perimeter of my life! To adapt a Daniel Stern quote from City Slickers: If bad luck were people, I'd be China! But impassioned pleas I can do!

When I saw these posters I knew I had to do what I could to try to get them! Do I "deserve" these beautiful pieces of art? Most likely not. I have a great collection, and there are probably more deserving Psychos out there! But they would be cherished if they came here! I was thinking of framing the extra one (shown in the picture) to display in a place of honor above my shelves! This ultimate set deserves the ultimate artwork to accompany it! I implore you, consider my meager request when deciding who gets these posters!

In conclusion, if I were to receive these it would certainly be a high point for me, and bring joy for years to come! I humbly  prostrate myself before the decision makers of Media Psychos, and await your consideration of my meager petition!

Edit: changed lick to luck.

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I would like to receive the "extra" poster with the artwork by @ksosk, which was only given out to the staff members at the time.

Maybe a picture of my previous TDK collection will help.🤔🙏

The only thing I'm still missing is the 3rd artwork. The other two posters would then go to another user.

I am also after the 3rd additional lenticular to the TDKT by UHD Club but thats another story...






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@DodgyDave @ksosk

  here is my modest entry for this contest, so I own both versions of TDK trilogy, I can't choose between the two because they both have their own strengths, the Mother box is still the must of the HDZETA collection and it  I miss this little jewel that would make this one shine in the night like the bat signal, for my passionate advocacy, I am extremely administrator of these versions and the work of ksoks on these images is absolutely breathtaking, I am nothing next to the knight  black, I wouldn't even dare meet his gaze at the risk of getting stuck in the mud all alone like a grown-up


so I light a chair or rather a candle and pray for your good grace



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10 hours ago, antiapathetic said:

2am and I'm in bed, so the rest of my plea with photos will be coming promptly once I'm conscious again! I reached out to John last year about getting a hold of the middle poster but we never finished working out the details for my purchase. Would absolutely love another shot to claim one. Amazing work as always @ksosk! In my mind, my collection won't be complete until I have it.


Following up with some pics! Sadly I haven't found space for my Motherbox since my move this year so it's still in storage. Hoping these original pics from when I got it will suffice. I'll probably have to finally add a special shelf just for TDK so I can display the whole lineup once we see the Manta Lab release. For now I'm tapped out on display space 😭



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It Begins Here We Go GIF by hero0fwar


When I first arrived on the Media Psychos scene, I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, metal cases for movies? What's that about? Oh sure, some had neat artwork, but why should I shill out a few more bucks for—oh hey that one's nice. Ooh and this one comes with a lenticular magnet! Oh my God, slips??? And what the hell, a whole box filled with different editions???? Daddy needs a new pair of shoes steels!


And so it began. For about two years, the sultry dance of steelbooks has been my only real joy in life. Hard day at work? Come home to some new steels, waiting on the porch like a lovable pooch. Bed cold and empty? My steels keep me warm, as I'm running out of space on my lacking bookshelves. Some comical third example? You betcha.


I can't forget about the community either. Although I don't chat with you guys as much as I would like, because even online I get social anxiety, this is such a warm place to be a part of. Helpful members, funny members, crazy psychotic members, we have em all here at MP. And I thank all of you. My passion for steels has grown more than I ever could have imagined, and I've even gotten past my non-steel bias.


It's hard for me to write a plea like this, because I never win these kinds of things, and I'd hate to sound insincere at all. It especially feels like I won't be chosen, seeing as I bought a motherbox from John that had a poster included. My fortune back then might turn against me now. But I want to try anyway. My collection isn't the best, or the smallest, but it's mine and I'm proud of it. And if I could get the posters I'm missing, I'd be even prouder.




I beseech you @ksosk @DodgyDave and I once again thank @Masterblaster for my motherbox!


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My Dark Knight Trilogy collection (maybe an exception @ksosk, as I am a regular MP member). I have a few gems and missing a few items in the pictures.


First, the highlights:

- the Theory 11 Playing Card deck;

- the Hot Wheels Tumbler Treasure Hunt complete in package; 

- the 2-disc special edition DVD (yes, a dvd that is in everyone’s collection, according to my local shop) - an invaluable item in my collection and watched hundreds of times.

The missing items:

- I couldn’t find my TDKR bluray lenticular - still valued in my collection because of the many times it was watched on my bluray players.

- the TDKR IMAX poster give away.

- the TDKR t-shirt giveaway from the IMAX special viewing.

- I did not add any comics, books or cds.

The regrets I do not have: 

- the 4k UHD Box edition - this began the start of my hard media psychosis.

- HD Zeta’s motherbox collection - started collecting after this item’s release.

- HMV/Zavvi collector’s editions - still available but I am content with my Batman and Batman Returns editions.

- I am light on my MP swag - “forgiveness for I have sinned”.

To other Psychos:

- @Mrdugan great figure collection - I would be all over McFarlane figures.

- @ncraft props that you have the bluray Mask edition - I have a few of those in my general collection.

- @Chief_lookout one I consider a grail.

- @sobmaster another great Psycho collection - nice laser etched ornament and tier member cards.

- @bilbon the coins add a nice touch - I would say I would be content with this collection.

- @antiapathetic another grail - I wish I had a metal chest for all my items.

- @InfiniteDoors very impressive collection - you might win.


Favorite scene of the TDK trilogy:






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Missing pictures
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  • ★ Administrators ★
On 3/30/2023 at 7:40 AM, Straju02 said:

I will round up everything and make a post tomorrow evening. Slipped my mind the last couple weeks. 

Closing this on Monday morning UK time. I'll strip out all the irrelevant posts at that time.  

Then I'll ask Nils to get a concensus from the Admins and senior staff. 

Good luck to all who have taken part. 

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The Dark Knight: The Beginning of a Long Journey


So to start off, I pulled out what I could without getting to deep into storage and digging through only a few folios of posters. Below you will see three of my favorite posters that I own that are always hanging. The Blufans recent release OCS, my collector’s edition blu-ray, and my blu-ray steel books that I bought to tide my over in my steel book collection till a premium was released.

The posters are the Lenti Teaser Theatrical release from Bottle Neck Gallery, The Dark Knight by Jason Raish from Bottle Neck Gallery, NY Comic Con Variant. And last is just a cheap poster that I bought for my dorm my freshman year of college because I loved the movie and had limited space.20230402_135710.thumb.jpg.5686fe3b7e14ee5b10671d974949b729.jpg





A few things missing due to being trapped in storage: I have the original movie poster Teaser Theatrical Poster in a tube, (like the lenti) got lucky and bought it from a theater when the movie was released, and blew up. The one sat on my walls for years and is on of my prized possessions.

Sorry I don’t have the HDZETA set, want it, but it is very much outside my price point, maybe someday when I am completely done with school, and working my dream job.


Now on to story time:


As a kid my love for movies started at a young age, but it was really my love of comics that started me on to the path that I am following today. The only comics I could get my hands on were the second hand Batman and Spiderman comics that they sold at used book sales at my church, and since these were in abundance and only a couple of .25 per issue my parents were alright with those expenses. Fast forward to my Jr. year of high school, and Batman Begins comes out, I had seen the old school films from the early 90’s but there was something about the realism that was transpiring from the direction of the films that really started to speak to me at this point, and I realized that Christopher Nolan was the reason behind that. A few years later The Dark Knight comes out, this was during a time that I had realized that I no longer wanted to pursue a career in Teaching Students Music, and I remember going to see this film and it starting a need to consume consuming film after film. I left the theater speechless, the concept of taking a superhero film and turning it into a piece of art that spoke to the philosophy of life. And what happens when there is chaos introduced to that perfect life really spoke to me. It was truly the first time a film had spoken to me as not just entertainment but as the idea of an art form commenting on the way life operates.

This film was part of the tipping point of me really looking inwards at what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am now in my final semester of my AA, looking towards film schools, and starting my production classes in the fall to help me decide which avenue of the film industry I want to go towards. (Directing is the goal, but I have a keen eye for both Cinematography, and Editing.) I love the idea of creating something through a team aspect to help people lose themselves in a medium that helps them escape the mundane reality that we all live in.

My collection might not be the greatest, or largest, but know that this film has such a special place in my being as it is part of the reason I am on the path I am on.


I love the forum here; it is something I might not always have the time to constantly be chatting on. But it is a reminder to me that there are likeminded people all across the world that have this undying love for something that I hope one day to be a part of. And that gives me hope in that I am working towards something that my ideas, thoughts, and perspectives might reach someone else in a way that makes them lose themselves in and have some form of thought about the world around them.


These posters would be a constant reminder (because they would go up on the wall) of that day that I had a monumental shift in perspective, of not just what I want to do for the rest of my life, but also a reminder that there are people out there that share the same type of passion towards this art form.

Rant over, thanks for taking the time to read, letting myself let a little bit of my soul out. And even putting me into the consideration for such an offer.

Thanks again to the amazing people on this forum who make me chuckle, give me a chance to collect amazing editions, and are always willing to help out a fellow psycho enjoy the medium he loves so much.









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  • DodgyDave changed the title to CLOSED The Dark Knight Trilogy:- Poster Set Give-Away.
  • DodgyDave locked this topic
  • ★ Administrators ★

 Huge thanks go to @DodgyDave for setting up this great give away.



Dave passed the difficult decision making on to the Admins, and he certainly enjoyed that 😅



This was really hard on us since we saw so many great posts. Thanks to everyone who took part in this @ncraft @Chief_lookout @sobmaster @bilbon @antiapathetic @InfiniteDoors @Straju02 . Thank you for showing us your wonderful collections and for adding some passionate pleas/stories to enhance your posts.


@umryleg we also loved your post, thank you so much for making that, even when you could not win.


@Mrdugan thanks for the nice figure pictures.


As you all have such great collection you should really look at our DC Universe Award here (if you have not already done so).


Anyway we Admin went back and forth like Batman against Bane to decide on the lucky winner.


It would have been helpful if we had more posters to hand out. But unfortunately we only got one Set.


So without further delay






We hope you will enjoy the posters like you obviously do with The Dark Knight Trilogy. We wish you great success on the path you are currently on and hope your dreams will come true. Let these posters become another motivational point on your road.


@DodgyDave will contact you to arrange the shipping part.

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OMG, I am at loss of words. 🥹


the joker GIF by hoppip


I didn't have time to comprehend this post this morning while at work. Thanks to @DodgyDave for the amazing opportunity. Thanks to the admins for going through the difficult process of selecting someone.  And thanks to everyone posting their amazing collections. And I am beyond excited to add these beautiful pieces and put them up as a reminder of what I am working towards! Thanks again.


tim burton running GIF

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