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Cine Museum Salem’s Lot Collection (CM Cult #08) (Blu-ray/DVD Mediabook) [Italy]

Gary K

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MP Group Buy Here!


Release Date: TBA

Retail Price: Boxset 1: 169,90€; Boxset 2: 99,90€; Variant A/B/C: 44,90€
Print Run: Boxset 1: 200; Boxset 2: 300; Variant A/B/C : 100 each. 

Purchase Link: TBA


Artwork and contents subject to change by retailer


Boxset 1



Boxset 2



Salem's Lot Variant A


Salem’s Lot Variant B



Salem’s Lot Variant C



A Return to Salem's Lot



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SALEM'S LOT COLLECTION - CMC#08 Project 1 (3 Blu ray)

The first part of the deidcated project on the collection of two Salem's Lot films is finally ready to be announced!

We are still working out some details regarding both packaging and the technical side, but everything is being defined.

The Collectors Box, made exclusively for us by Giorgio Finamore, presents the two films from 1979 and the 1987 sequel in real Blu Ray with a third disc of Extra content that we’ve collected for you!

Salem's Lot Variant A artwork contained in this Box was done by Fright Rags.

The work was very challenging and as you can see this is only the first part of the project.

We're actually working on a second variant of the Box, which will include two additional Salem's Lot Mediabook Variants and one special gadget!

Reminder that Salem's Lot will also be available for sale individually while The Vampires of Salem's Lots will be available in ultra-limited printing only in the two Box Set configurations.

A few details about the contents:

Blu Ray 1:

Salem's Lot Full Version 183 min. )

Audio: Italian, English

Subtitles: Italian, English (Not deaf)

Extra: Original Cinematic Trailer

Blu Ray 2:

The Vampires of Salem's Lot (101 min. )

Audio: Italian, English, French, German *

Subtitles: Italian, English

Blu Ray 3 (CM Exclusive):

Salem's Lot International Version + Tobe Hooper Audio Commentary (ITA/ENG Subtitles)

The Story of Salem's Lot (1979) - Review & Retrospective by Layton Eversaul (67 min.) Sottotitoli ITA/ENG/FRA)

David Soul discusses Salem’s Lot on its 42nd Anniversary (19 min.) Sottotitoli ITA/ENG/FRA *

*waiting for confirmation

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From CM:


Salem's Lot Mediabook Variant A (2 Blu Ray) + Return to Salem's Lot (Blu Ray)
Box Set 1 Prototype!




Salem's Lot Mediabook Variant A + B + C (2 Blu Ray) + Return to Salem's Lot (Blu Ray)

Deluxe Box Set 2 Prototype!



Attention, the arrangement of the Mediabooks inside is not the official one, but only a test for the correct functionality of the Box.
The mediabooks will be presented shortly as soon as the printing phase of the entire production has been completed!

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From CM:


SALEM'S LOT Collection - CMC#08



Many collectors are writing to get updates on the release date of Salem's Lot.

Production has been completed but we are still waiting to receive packaging and blu ray discs.

We are very happy with the final quality of the product, but unfortunately we will not be able to deliver your order before Christmas.


I'm very frustrated and sorry for this delay at the end of a very hard year which will lead us to inevitable changes and revolutions in the coming months in the logistics phase, both in terms of assembly and shipping.


However, we worked as hard as we could to have all the necessary material before Christmas, so that we could also sacrifice the few holiday days to reduce at least part of the delay.


Further updates will follow in the next few days, with detailed live photos of the products and a definitive shipping schedule.


I apologize for the numerous disruptions that have occurred in the latest releases for both CULT and ART lines.

We all know the quality of CM products, but the waiting time will be shortened to provide a more comfortable shopping experience.


I kindly ask you not to send messages on all channels for the same question, but to only use the email address: info@cinemuseum.store


Thank you all for your support and patient waiting.


Have a nice weekend


Carl Bugli

(CM owner and Administrator)



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The shipments of Salem's Lot Colelction continue with the Box Set 1 version (2 mediabooks).

We're preparing hundreds of contemporary orders and this requires time and concentration to ensure rapid delivery in perfect condition.


We kindly ask you to wait for the tracking.


Thank you!


CM Staff

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