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Hi Everyone - New here and just wanted to say hi and nice to (virtually) meet you all. Media Psychos was recommended to me by a couple of people on TWITTER so thought I'd come and have a look. It will be fantastic to speak with like minded people able something I am massively passionate about - Films, BluRays and specifically Steelbooks. Most people I know don't understand my passion for buying steelbooks so it will be great to converse with people who do. I look forward to getting involved.

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You will be sure to find like minded collectors here each one of us is understanding of the obsession of any form of Media hence the Psycho in our forum 59206e74baacf_tenor(3).gif.8d3573d57260078b63c9da254f8d667b.gif .

Here you will find your new 59426e794fec0_tenor(6).gif.0e94c69deb7754f1f332e361b2fce789.gif

Just be cereful around the Moat the piranha are always looking for new party animals to join thire ranks 5942537329ac4_images(12).jpg.c3dc66f96e769ca3eb007e988ea1930c.jpg .

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15 minutes ago, 45Caliber said:


Welcome @Tommy. Glad you found your way to the Asylum. Who are these people on Twitter that recommended the place? I'd like to send them a fruitcake and by I, I mean @Scary Hair would like to do that. Enjoy the forums!

I make Crazy Mad Fruit cakes ?. Only trouble is when I'm eating them I feel like a canibal 'cos I'm the BIGGIST Fruit Cake of them all 


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:hello: @Tommy and welcome to Media Psychos , great  that you found us and came onboard , there's plenty to get involved with so have fun while your here ,  if you have any questions just ask there's always someone about who can answer , where abouts are you from ....?....do you have any favourite  steel books in your collection ..... ?......Happy collecting ??

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