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Keep Calm, I'm Back ✌


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46 minutes ago, Pbsw23 said:

Just curious about earning my 25 MB's.... 1f911.png

I've noticed that these show on people's profiles (& not mine? 1f631.png1f601.png) Did I post on the wrong thread to earn them, or am I just being impatient?! 1f918-1f3fc.png1f604.png


Hello @Pbsw23 to be awarded the 25 MB s you need to tell us a bit about yourself , if the Big Mans impressed hell reward you........??

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Hi Guys & Girls,

So I rather rudely slipped in through the front door with a cheeky gif, and whilst you were all watching the death of a stuffed Dragon, I was in! ? No Hello, No "How's your Mother?" Nothing. So rude & I apologise. I blame the cool new site which distracted me from communicating with all the fellow Asylum Psychos. 

Anyway - Apology over, Hi. How are you all? Good? Enjoying the show? Awesome. You're All Awesome ???

So my names Paul, I'm a Marvel Geek, Nay.... I'm a Marvel Nerd! (Or at least trying to be) & you can spy my ever growing Marvel Steelbook collection in the gallery section or click here.

I'm a semi-retired Rapper, but still write rhymes for fun. I also play guitar and I once turned down the opportunity to mime the Pokemon movie soundtrack on top of the pops (I have some level of self worth ?)

Think that's enough about me for now, but you'll catch me acting the fool around here fairly regularly. Life's too short, be you, be Awesome & laugh a lot - Peace Out! *Drops the mic* ??

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@Pbsw23 Welcome. I'm kinda Marvel Fan too. Nerd ? ? Depends ... LOL. Anyway have a few Marvel Steels too. Should take time and take pics and post 'em here.  I'll have a look at your collection later and let you know if it's any good. LOL. A bit interested in @Darogal collection too. If he cares (dares) to show it ???

Have fun !



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@Darogal Lol Thanks Fella ?? You should absolutely share it! Its goof for the soul ?

@nefilim There's still a fair few missing. DareDevil, Elektra & Blade. Plus I don't have either the HMV or the Play Thor...... Yet ? Biggest one on the hit list though is NovaMedia The Winter Soldier Fullslip. 

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