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Blufans Mad Max Anthology (Blufans OAB #61-64) (WWA 4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) [China]


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Mad Max Anthology (Blufans OAB Exclusive #61-64) (WWA 4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) [China]


Release: TBA

Price: TBA

Limited: 250 print run


Mad Max OAB #61
Mad Max: The Road Warrior OAB #62
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome OAB #63
Mad Max: Fury Road OAB #64

  • Four WWA Steelbooks
  • Two discs (4K UHD/BD) for each movie
  • 44 page photo booklet for each movie
  • Set of 18 movie art cards
  • Four Exclusive fullslip cases
  • Exclusive collector outer box
  • Exclusive stickers






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7 hours ago, Christopher said:

Was immediately thinking this as well but I’m guessing it’ll be tough to snag. Probably not even enough for all the platinum members!


Members will need to earn a copy in the MP Thunderdome 😈

tina turner auntie entity GIF


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18 hours ago, ksosk said:

Yes it will be a boxset with all 4 movies each in a fullslip.

There wont be individual edition for sale at the moment.


The reason that ( I personal opinion ONLY ) Won't do them individually is Fury Road HAS NEVER SEEN MAD MAX 


fight me k-pop GIF



8 hours ago, Veum said:

But, but are the movies any good? 🧐 😂 


Sorry just not my ‘cup of tea’ fellas *duck you sucker*


get him crowd GIF by South Park


But it is Blufans  image.gif.a2cae8ee7e3eea4171a5e0a10adc67eb.gif


& I am a  collector GIF





mad max GIF


I will call the original  trilogy  THE  BEST EVER COMPLETE STORY FILMED .





mad max GIF


Each movie getting  stonger as Max's story is charted 


Hard call between  Max OR Roy Batty as the MOST ICONIC Anti Hero  EVER .


NOW for me back to the fact it has the sub par and uncontinuity follwing  Fury Road in the set .


Sprog was a toddler in the original  movie and a boy .


To impky jump to a teenage girl being Max's and it was the same diretor Gorge Miller  and The late grate Hugh Keys Brine being both The Toe Cutter and Imortan Joe  WTF 




Charlise Theron could have carried the movie on her own in the Max universe  with out adding anyone as Max .


SERIOUS THINKING Needed weather I try for this or not .




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19 hours ago, Fortis93 said:

I think I may cancel my Zavvi pre-order for this.

TBH i would not suggest any cancellations of other editions until you have for sure your spot for this one saved...


Id hate to see you go without one .


Take care



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I wouldn't get too excited about this just yet.

My information is that we are only likely to get the overdue Sting OAB and the two Hitchcock OABs fulfilled before Christmas.

TDK Exclusive is January next year possibly. So maybe a GB will start in December. Possibly not until January. 


I'm not sure when the next round of Tier Membership renewals will start either. That could have an impact on members chances of getting a copy of Mad Max.

Maybe affect TDK if it is delayed any more. 

I've got no info on a GB for Shawshank yet either. Whether that can be slipped in before Christmas remains to be seen. Not sure how popular a release that will be.

We will see. 

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  • extantsrevenge changed the title to Mad Max Anthology (Blufans OAB #61-64) (WWA 4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) [China]

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