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Anyone collect vinyl?


Started a few years ago with bands I like, most collectable being my Slipknot - Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. coloured vinyls - 4 colours 200 of each worldwide (although am considering letting these go).

More recently have got into collecting movie soundtracks/scores on coloured vinyl and picture discs.

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Been a vinyl collector for many years, started back in the early 80's before cd's were out with Iron Maiden LP's. Got a big Maiden collection, including all the singles on both 12 and 7inch picture disc, box sets, all the albums on original first pressings, promo singles etc. Also have a big Motley Crue collection including many picture discs never released in the UK. In recent years I've been collecting Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Cradle Of Filth and a lot of Norwegian Black Metal on vinyl as well as older artists like Pink Floyd, Bowie and alot of 70's prog LP's

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2 hours ago, nefilim said:



Started at ... well 80s.

Have pretty nice collection of lp's, 12"s and 7". Inherited some from my father. Some pretty rare stuff. Original Stones. Beatles. etc.

@ukade2327 @psychoscot


Yep , been collecting vinyl since the late 70's , had a massive collection up until Around '84 when I purchased a CD Player and like an idiot sold loads of my vinyl collection for a pittance to buy CDs , but I still have my massive JD/NO collection which I will never sell , in fact still adding to now and again when something interesting comes along.....also kept my Stranglers and Buzzcocks collection which is still being extended now and again too , recently been listening to Interpol  , courtesy of @nefilim and am slowly tracking down their vinyl catalogue .......

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I've started collecting vinyl the same way I started collecting blu-ray: Without even having the possibility to play them ?

I've been collecting music since tapes (MCs), the first ones being audio plays - but I was happy when CDs and MP3s came around, so since the 90s (I was born beginning of the 80s) I collected CDs and did never own a vinyl and had no interest in them.

Then my favorite German band (ASP) released a vinyl in 2006, and I had to have it, even though I did not have a record player. Luckily they included a CD, but it was just this bundle - and the band was so proud because they always wanted to produce a vinyl and this was their first. I remember when I opened the vinyl and held it between my hand, something happened with me. This felt so different, so strangely wonderful. I bought a second vinyl in 2010, again by ASP, and then my very first Picture Vinyl 7" single, because it was one of my favorite songs by Evanescence. I especially loved the great artwork on the big format. On how much more this felt like a quality piece (totally different to the jewel case CDs). I think I had around 10 records until I finally got myself a record player.

I soon also stumbled upon labels, such as "Music on Vinyl", "Invada Records", "Spacelab9" and "Mondo" who produce absolutely stunning records for soundtracks, so also my love for movies could be - way better - expressed via vinyl. I have more soundtracks on vinyl than on CD.

Compared to other collections my is laughably small; I have more movies (~500 BDs + ~150 DVDs) than records - but my 120 vinyl records are really selected with a few really great gems, if you ask me, such as


Of course I just picked the soundtracks, to not get too Offtopic ;)
If you are interested, look me up on Discogs (pygospa), for my entire collection - if you'd like to see some detailed pictures you can always ask me, and I will post them for you. However, I am pretty bad in keeping Discogs up to date. This year for instance I bought a couple of vinyl records (e.g. Dawn of the Dead - lucky to have got it for 30€ ? - I was considering to wait, because it's a remastered version - but I still like it, though).

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I have a somewhat modest collection of vinyls. I do prioritize my collecting of steelbooks and movie products over it but every once in a while I'll come across a vinyl release that I just can't resist. 


You can see a picture of a couple of my pieces in the image below as well as one of my all time favorite pieces...The Hero of Time 2xLP which encompasses music from the Ocarina of Time soundtrack. The recording was done by 64-piece Slovak National Symphony Orchestra (recorded live at Studio 1 in Bratislava, Slovakia). Very well done and sounds amazing! Those of you familiar withe Legend of Zelda franchise will know about the "heart container" pieces you collect in the game. Well if you look at the last two images with the vinyl themselves, you can see in the center that that is how you tell which side you are on...Side 1 has 1 heart piece, side 2 has 2 heart pieces, etc. 👍


For those curious where the Hero of Time vinyl is from, it's from a website called iam8bit. Would definitely recommend checking them out if you are a fan of video game soundtracks. They make some awesome looking vinyl releases for video games. They also sell a bunch of other video game related products.












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