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31 minutes ago, R1s1ngs0n said:

Bien hecho @ Noir21 obviamente conoces a tu equipo mejor que el resto de nosotros. 5 minutos antes del inicio del partido cambié de 1-1 a 2-1 España  😪

Definitivamente Morata comienza a parecerse cada vez más a otra 'leyenda' del fútbol

fred_eq4adye5qz5p1s7a76cmp8tfe.jpg? t = 419

I feel sorry for you, I just made the same change but in reverse.

When seeing again the titular Morata, the head won the heart.

shooting jack whitehall GIF by Jack Whitehall: Training Days

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Morata never disappoints.  It's the story of a mediocre footballer supported by a father with many contacts, a player who, as he never succeeded anywhere, was rewarded with being the reference of the national team.


You said it perfectly, @R1s1ngs0n, he's a legend. 


PS: A few minutes ago, asked him on TV what he thinks of the criticism made by the majority of fans. He responded angrily like a little boy and said that he doesn't care what the public says.



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And by the way, Spain is a selection with some expert players but, as a whole, a very limited team in their game that shows too easily their shortcomings and limitations. Today Poland did not play a good game, they only contributed effort and desire, not much football; but that was more than enough.

They bore anyone, and if you see France, Germany or Italy they are far from looking like a strong team.

 And that's playing at home......

But they believe that they have done nothing wrong, and that everything is coincidence. They think they are doing a great job. 

And recognizing mistakes, being aware of limitations, and having self-criticism, is the only way to improve anything in this life.

PS: The majority of Spanish fans want the defeat in the tournament to be overwhelming so that kick the coach out.

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My prediction skills on Match day 4 were simply terrible, but at least I'm on the same level as all these Teams that played..... 4 DRAWS


with so many supposedly top teams.



Congratulations Congrats GIF

to @PRIAPISM who won the 4th Match day with 9 points.


Today is the start of Match day 5. Don't forget to place your predictions @thomue1987 @Toapel @CAYENNE-FAHRER @raylight @Catgirl @RileyLad @Michael hillaby @JiumJium @Blu Magic Ray.


Liam Neeson Good Luck GIF


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 Interesting matches today friends...


12:00 pm EDT
Switzerland vs. Turkey
Love to see the 🇨🇭for this one 👍 
12:00 pm EDT
Italy vs. Wales
I think Italy is better, however I love the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 team :)
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