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Media Psychos European Cup Challenge

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This friday the European Football Championship is starting and since we have many football fans we thought it would be fun to launch a little event .


The Media Psychos European Cup Challenge!



Our resident sloth and football expert @thomue1987


has set up an online Prediction Game.


You can register here



Language on the Game site is only available in German, but it is very simple to navigate (see my explanations in the second post), so it should not be an issue at all for everyone to participate.


Thanks to some generous Psychos we also have prizes for the winners of this game (see post 3)!







Register and participate.



Good luck to all who play.


Participants who stick to the game and place predictions on a certain amount of the games (see post 3 for our award and rules to get it) will receive a Special Media Psychos Award!


So everyone can become a winner 😉


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To participate you need to register first. Go to this link https://www.kicktipp.de/mp-uefa-euro-2021/


then click on "Mitglied werden" (become member)

MP Game 1.PNG


Next enter your E-Mail (1) and then a password (2).  After that click "Jetzt registrieren!" (register now).

MP Game 2.PNG



You will now get an e-mail to complete your registration. Click on "E-Mail Adresse bestätigen" (confirm e-mail).

MP Game 9.PNG



After that you will need to enter your username (1) (please use the one you also use on MP).

If your MP username is longer than 15 characters, enter as much as you can.


Then click "Mitglied werden" (2) (become member)

MP Game 10.PNG



Your registration is now complete and you can participate. I will now explain the 3 menu parts that are important for the game.


MP Game 3.PNG


1: Tippübersicht. Here you can see the results of the games and the chart for all participants for the individual match days.

MP Game 4.PNG


2: Gesamtübersicht. This is showing you the overall ranking

MP Game 5.PNG


3: Tippabgabe. This is the most important part. Since you enter your predictions here!

You will see all the Games and Bonus Predictions you have to enter.


The game is divided into match days. You have to make all the predictions for a single game day before the first game of that day is starting! And don't forget to come back for placing your next predictions.


MP Game 6.PNG



If you're a fan you might already know your predictions and can simply enter them. Scroll down and click on "Tipps speichern" (1) (Save predictions). If you want some background info click on "Tippabgabe mit Spielinfos" (2) then you will get some additional info on the individual games.

MP Game 7.PNG


If you clicked "Tippabgabe mit Spielinfos" you will see the individual games with some info on how the teams performed. Enter your prediction and click "Speichern und weiter" (Save and continue), this will get you to the next game.

MP Game 8.PNG


Make sure you save your predictions, so that they count.

And remember to come back for the following match days.


I'm sure the German members/participants will help with any further questions. I'm actually not a football/soccer fan at all and only watch European and World Cup, so I don't know that much about these type of sites either. But I hope I covered everything you need to know.

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Thanks to some generous Psychos @hal56 @raylight @extantsrevenge we will also have prizes for the 3 members that place at the top of the game.


Our main prize is donated by @hal56. The overall winner of the Media Psychos European Cup Challenge will receive the Filmarena Prometheus E2 Double Lenticular Edition 😲


  Hide contents









The second place will be able to choose a stunning item donated by our helpful minion @raylight. You will have the chance to pick ONE of the 3 items shown below!


Dragonheart Mediabook



The Mummy Trilogy (3 Steelbooks)



Wonder Woman 4K Steelbook



Third place will will be able either choose an awesome MP Gloves pair or ONE of the Steelbooks shown below (picture to follow) donated by @extantsrevenge



Winners will have to pay shipping.


If any of you Psychos think "Damn, I also have a cool item I would like to donate as prize" please send me a PM with a picture. Maybe we can add some additional choices here or collect some nice prizes for future games. At the moment all prizes are located in Germany or Austria.


Each member that plays and makes at least 40 game predictions will receive our awesome Euro 2020 award created by our own talented @Cornbuster 🙏. Don't miss your chance to add this historic award to your Media Psychos award collection.



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vor 6 Minuten schrieb serg50:

@extantsrevenge my English is not so good, and my German is quite bad, it is not very clear how to make a forecast for the match. I just want to pick the winner of the match, not write the score. Can someone help me

you have to put in the score, you cant only pick up the winner.

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Meine Minions und ich sind auch mit dabei !

Happy Party GIF by Minions



vor 55 Minuten schrieb serg50:

@extantsrevenge my English is not so good, and my German is quite bad, it is not very clear how to make a forecast for the match. I just want to pick the winner of the match, not write the score. Can someone help me

я проверю. думаю, вы можете вводить игры без необходимости вводить точные цифры.

I'll check it. I think you can tip as test just without givin exact results of games.



vor 1 Stunde schrieb Basil:

Shame @thomue1987 and @R1s1ngs0n dont have a bet the loser dresses up in there fellow as there fellow country man xD


So germany loses thomas dressed up as a bagette 


France lose eli dresses as a german


Mila Kunis Lol GIF by IFCComedy Hollywood Darlinsgs GIF by Pop TV


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