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MAG Black Hawk Down (MAG MPM #04) [China]


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10 hours ago, raylight said:

Oh, really ? Thought that all of their releases are these kind of super-big-boxes.

Thats a very good info...THANKS !

So I can keep fingers crossed for a "normal" release, yeah !


Last action hero seems to be about the size of an OC but it's still OC only, I hope they change this later down the line otherwise I'm out

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2 minutes ago, LeGonze said:

@raylight @tr0llhatt @Intentcoin


Yes it was confirmed that MPM line is the size of a normal OC. 😉😉


Stay tuned to see wich lone these releases will be. 😬😬

I just want individual slips tbh. I havent seen most of these movies but they dont seem like they'd be worth $150+ 


I already signed up to last action hero but that may be the last one 

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4 hours ago, Intentcoin said:

I havent seen most of these movies but they dont seem like they'd be worth $150+ 

Well... To you buddy... A lot of people say the same thing about the MCU... 😅😅


Its just about your taste. If you feel it doesn’t worth it then don’t buy it. If you feel it does worth it, then buy it. As simple as that. 😃😉

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4 hours ago, LeGonze said:

A lot of people say the same thing about the MCU... 😅😅

That's the thing though, no retailer forces you to buy the whole OC. Venom is a good example, I would buy a single slip but I would definitely not buy an OC for it

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It will be a very interesting release for me.


I have nothing against the size of the MAG editions, because they are doing a great job. What matters most to me is that it is a very good edition in every way.


And this is said by someone who still has the box with "Das boot" in the middle of the living room thinking about where to put it, because there is no room for something like that. :D


Still, the different types of MAG sizes are fine. What I don't quite understand is how they assign the editions to each size.


For example, with all due respect to its fans, we all knew that "The Last Action Hero" had more of a blockbuster than "Anaconda", and many more potential followers ...


But still I am happy, and I am looking forward to receiving my edition of "Last action hero", and I will also be with "The age of innocence" and "Black Hawk Down". And if they tempt me well with Terminator ... ;) 



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