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Hello everyone!!! Noob Here


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Hello everyone !! 

Well, I only started collecting steelbooks about 6 months ago :-( Didn't really even know they existed and that's probably because you all did groupbuys and no steelbooks made it to BestBuy shelves LOL

I have missed out on ALL the Marvel Steelbooks before BestBuy Dr. Strange ... sad I know.

My most recent Steelbook arrival is the 4K The Fifth Element.

Since I started collecting I now own 50+ steels with a lot in preorder. I have now bought from Bestbuy, Target, Zavvi, KimchiDvD, Novamedia and Filmarena. None yet from HMV because they do not ship to USA.

I want to learn about groupbuys here and make my first groupbuy purchase with mediapsychos because my co-workers do not understand my addiction to steels and you do :-)

So....any tips at all would be GREATLY appreciated.



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Hello @jobel472 and welcome to Media Psychos , your definitely in the right place to feed your hunger , if you need help on anything just ask , no matter what it is there's loads of regular members here who will be able to help with friendly advice all are  knowledgeable you will surely get a reply , enjoy your visits and do  join in with conversations and events .

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HELLO AND WELCOME @jobel4727c23ca5f.gif.e164924dd7be8296799536140fee4e0b.gif.3a2c5c99812f56007fa8a1832a201f00.gif.

Tips a few  ?

 Take your time to have a look around the Steelbooks OUR members have In thire Galleries ? OOHH WHAT DELIGHTS they have to show 5942c654367e1_tenor(7).gif.b5129b1b17a51a16743f7836433b8e9f.gif.

DO NOT BE AFRAID to ask questions ?. Our members are super friendly , as I am sure you will find out .

To get someone's attention eather a P.M or an @ only make sure thire name turns blue

@Scary Hair @Scary Hair

Deffinately dont be worried about being a noob we all where one once I was a total nightmare , some will say I still am ?? right @psychoscot @nefilim @hdblueman @Darogal @mr_wick @Masterblaster.

So relax ? MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FUN while you are brouseing OUR Board ?.


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:hi: and welcome @jobel472 to MP!!   

As @Scary Hair said she is a total angel ?, and always on hand to help.   

Nice collection you have there mate, those Kill Bill Boxset's look awesome. ? 

Looks like you've caught the steelbook addiction, ?  you've found the right place to help your collection grow.

So many great Groupbuys and friendly threads and forums, some really cool collections on show in the galleries.

Nice to see you at the asylum.....    


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  • ★ Administrators ★

@jobel472 WELCOME to our small site , where i am sure you will find all the good stuff you need to help your Addiction !

I admire your picture , thank you very much for sharing it and i must say for a NOOB you are in the right direction LOL

Back in the day when i started BestBuy really did not have that many steelbooks we had to import , well i did not cause i was in Germany where there were Steelbooks , actually one of the main countries that started with them .. John Rambo Amazon.de , the 100th Annerversary of Paramount and a whole lot more....

As for the Marvel ones , it seems like everyone is collecting Marvel nowadays .. just excellent taste i must say !

Maybe you will also get into collecting Fullslips with Amrays , Plain and NOVA have a very very nice selection of those as well. 

Would you mind telling us how you got to us ? 

As for the GBs , we are pretty easy , all you have to do is read our GB Rules (if you need a direct link , please let us know) and basically follow them to the letter and you will be taken good care of .  @Scary Hair our First Lady will be able to guide you through the procedure and if you need HMV steelbooks she IS the one to speak to.

We would love for you to come and share more pictures of your collection.  

Take care



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hello @ukade2327 @Benoit46 @Scary Hair @hdblueman @psychoscot @Masterblaster


Thank you all for the warm welcome.. can definitely feel it :-)

Thank you all for the time you took to welcome me as well.


1- Thanks @Benoit46for the awesome HI sticker :-)

2- @ukade2327I will keep in mind your advise and will definitely engage in conversations and events.

3- I will definitely need to speak with you @Scary Hair about some HMV steels and how to aquire them. ..any steels suggestions that come to your mind?

4-  @hdbluemanyes I do believe those Kill Bill Boxsets are AWESOME!! thanks for the compliment.

5-  @psychoscotas rage against the machine states "It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime, what better place than here, what better time than now? :-)

6- @MasterblasterI didn't know it was Germany where it all began..nice to know. Is it because Denmark's STEELBOOK company proximity to Germany?

regarding the Marvel steels.... I drool over some of the ones that I missed out on like the first Iron Man steelbook :-( the only thing that makes me a little happier is that I actually do own a copy of the now oop first run of the first Iron Man Bluray,  it even has the slip cover :-)  

I have seen the Amarays that Nova and Plain Archive have but as I stated I am Wayyyy behind on great purchases and trying to get some of the stuff I want through ebay is just slaughter to my wallet LOL if anyone here has some stuff for sale (not sure yet if this happens in the site) at a reasonable price than maybe I can catch up on some long gone steelbook items Like Iron Man1,2,3- Thor3D- First Avenger, Winter Soldier an many others.

You asked how I got to you guys and I will tell you exactly how it happened... I liked the Blufans Steelbook FB page and in one of my comments I stated I had no idea how to do GB, a member named Kezia Dulompont suggested your group as a source for GB purchases. It took me since May to join up cause I don't know how exclusive the group buy scene was and didn't want to burn my first request to join. Btw- I have read the GB thread but will need to PM you some lingering questions if you don't mind. And as far as posting pics of my collection I definitely will.


Thanks again averyone !!





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