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Prefix-WEET Spider-Man Trilogy (WeET Exclusive #009/#010/#011) (WEA 4K UHD/2D Steelbook) [Korea]

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Spider-Man Trilogy (WeET Exclusive #009/#010/#011) (WEA 4K UHD 3D/2D Steelbook) [Korea]

Release Date: TBC
Price All Single Edition: USD TBC






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  • extantsrevenge changed the title to Spider-Man Trilogy (WeET Exclusive #009/#010/011) (WEA 4K UHD/2D Steelbook) [Korea]
  • extantsrevenge changed the title to Spider-Man Trilogy (WeET Exclusive #009/#010/#011) (WEA 4K UHD/2D Steelbook) [Korea]
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4 minutes ago, Christopher said:

Oooooh, well this could offset the possible coming bad Lord of the Rings news (😂 fingers crossed!) I wonder how they’ll release this. One box for all three and a mother one click or possibly single releases?  


this be 3 single releases with either OC or singles its in the op looks like the GB be run i presume as all 3 together from what i can read but @extantsrevenge nils be able to clear it all up 👍

as to motherbox who knows ?


basil :D

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just done a little digging and found this


Dear International Customers,
<Spider-Man>, <Spider-Man 2>, <Spider-Man 3> 4K UHD Steelbook LE (Weetcollection Exclusive No.09, No.010, No11) will be released to late April.
-<Spider-Man>  : (2disc: 4K UHD + BD)
-<Spider-Man 2>: (2disc: 4K UHD + BD)
-<Spider-Man 3>: (2disc: 4K UHD + BD)
Details will be announced later.
Thank you very much.
Best regards.


basil 👍

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vor 10 Minuten schrieb Fortis93:


You tell 'em, mate.


Bunch of lentiphobic heathens the lot of them. xD


vor 16 Minuten schrieb Hollywood E Rock:

You want a One Click Set with just Full Slips?





Well, if someone can come around with dang nice fullslips, it's definitely Weet :D 

big eyes wow GIF by StabbedPanda

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I'm expecting this to be in the same style they did the Amazing Spider-Man Movies. That would mean OC with all 3 movies, most likely all with FS and Lenti. That would be huge 😲.


More info to come out soon, since the release is expected in late April.

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