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Hi Media Psychos Members



Soon we will have easter and we have something huge planned for you.



Last year we had the Easter Egg Hunt, but this year we're facing a much more serious threat to our existence.


An unparalleled invasion is upon us


and only together will we be able to face the onslaught that is coming our way.


They may look cute


and so harmless,


all you want to do is cuddle with them.


But be careful, all this might only be an act to fool us.


Prepare yourself and watch this topic for further info we will post in the days to come.

We hope many of you will join the Hunt, so that we can defend the Media Psychos community against our furrry and fluffy little friends 😅.


Some of you might be dragged to the dark side


but that is a sacrifice we all have to make.


Special thanks go to @raylight @Cornbuster & @Trianna for their contribution in making this event extra special and to @R1s1ngs0n who is making sure the event will be extremely fun or painful for participants (however you want to see it 🤣).


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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

 Greeting Psychos


To celebrate Easter and after last year's modest success, we've decided to conduct yet another Special Easter hunt but this time with a twist, to make it even more interesting.

For this year's event, our esteemed banner creator @Cornbuster has designed this loveable bundle of fur... meet Psycho Bunny!



Come April 4th, 60 Bunnies will swarm MP and hide within the many, many posts included within the many, many threads and your job is to find as many of them as you can and win a maximum of points out of a possible 100.


Psycho Bunnies come in 3 different sizes/difficulties:

10 small, hard to spot 1956889697_PsychoBunny-small.png.210f7fa - each worth 3 points.

20 medium, moderatly elusive 1251912693_PsychoBunny-medium.png.5fda20 - each worth 2 points.

30 large, easy to spot 1229759841_PsychoBunny-large.png.d587405 - each worth 1 point.


Participants need to take a screenshot of each Psycho Bunny they find and send them all together to @ukade2327 or @Trianna via PM, no later than April 12th.

Please, no posting of Bunnies locations on the forum!


As MP covers a huge array of topics, we decided to limit the search area to the following main sections:

Exhibit Your Collection (all topics within including posts going as far back as March 1st 2021)

International Chat Area (all topics within including posts going as far back as March 1st 2021)

General Chat (all topics within including posts going as far back as March 1st 2021)


The winners will be announced on April 13th with first, second and third places winning these cool prizes, courtesy of @Masterblaster:

1st place - $20 MP Gift Card

2nd place - $15 MP Gift Card

3rd place - $10 MP Gift Card


As an added bonus and to keep with tradition, all those who achieve a minimum of 50 points will get to add Psycho Bunny to their Award collection 😃


Happy Hunting, Psychos!


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20 minutes ago, Hollywood E Rock said:





What happens in the English Room stays in the English Room 









3 hours ago, Veum said:

Riley lad @RileyLad weren’t you scoured in the English room for having too much testosterone for the ladies 🤣 

















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