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The Major

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Hello fellow collectors,

I'm The Major from the United States and if you can't tell where the name is derived from, then I guess you're not a fan of Ghost in the Shell. ?

I won't disclose my age but let's say I was around when TV's were black & white, LPs and 8-track were the standard, early Beta adopter vs. VHS, and a "smart" phone was touch button vs. rotary dial. ?  Many years later, I'm still not tech savvy!

I am single though I have had my opportunities in the past but that was a previous life and lesson learned - I'd rather be alone for the right reason than be with someone for the wrong one.

Aside from steelbooks, I used to collect Marvel comic character statues from Bowen Designs before he closed up shop.  I still collect the Batman Black and White statues and Star Wars busts.

I enjoy movies and prefer watching it in theaters vs. at home on the television - which is ironic given my enormous collection of steelbooks that I don't open. 

My other love in life is animals.  I used to have 4 cats (my children/kids) with the last girl put down in January this year.  It was odd for a while not having a cat sleep next to me in bed and the house so quiet.  Things have gotten better the past couple of months now that I've adjusted.  This will be it for me - no more kids I'm sorry to say.  I'm too old and can't go through the emotional heartache watching them pass on. 


P.S. - is this thread supposed to be "Introductions to the Asylum?"  I didn't know if the misspelling ("asylm") was intentional or not. ? 

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Hi The Major , 

:omg: we finally get to see "some insight" of your life and passions , greatly appreciated. 

Well im in your Age group without saying how old or young i am , but at least im not as old as our Fourm Grandpa @DodgyDave :zonk: , im sorry i had to give it to him :D.

I personally would have guessed your name from Rank retired , but guess thats cause ive had my share of the Service Life ??.


 Im problerbly one of the few who DONT know about the Ghost in Shell or whatever its called.  I dont buy movies for the film anyway im a hardcore Collector of the metal ?


Well anyway hope your able to visit and get some pictures up in the Gallery as we would love to see your collection ...!!


Enjoy your stay in the Asylum / oh about that .... its a hidden Easter Egg that no one found till now , congrats ! You just won an extra 250 ! MasterBucks ... over the next few days we will be letting the Members know exactly for what they are for and how you can use them !


Congrates ! 

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