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[CLOSED] THE SHINING - Fullslip (Cine-Museum) Free Give-Away Raffle


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Hello Psychos !


To help start 2021 in true Psycho fashion, I decided to host a free give-away raffle 😃

On offer is my sealed copy of Cine Museum's newly released The Shining fullslip.



The raffle is open to all members but I would only ask that people who already own this edition, whether they got it directly through CM or via our GB, to refrain from participating as to give other members a chance to win this edition.

Anyone who wishes to participate just needs to reply in this topic... a quote from the movie would be a nice touch 😉


The thread will be locked on February 1st, 12pm CET and the lucky winner will be announced shortly after.

The winner will be expected, naturally, to cover shipping cost to his/her address (details to be exchanged through PM).


Good luck to everyone.


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  • R1s1ngs0n changed the title to THE SHINING - Fullslip (Cine-Museum) Free Give-Away Raffle


"Mr Grady....


You were the caretaker here....


I recognise ya.....


I saw your picture in the newspapers.... 


You a...... chopped your wife and daughter up into little bits....


And a ....... blew ya brains out"!








Many thanks @R1s1ngs0n, fantastic give away....


I tip my hat to you sir! 









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Do you know how I knew your name was Doc? You know what I'm talking about, don't you? I can remember when I was a little boy your age... my grandmother and I could hold entire conversations without ever opening our mouths. She called it "shining".


This would be amazing! My favourite film of all time.

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  • R1s1ngs0n changed the title to [CLOSED] THE SHINING - Fullslip (Cine-Museum) Free Give-Away Raffle
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