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MC Lovin is in da house


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Hi everybody,

my name is Chris and i am from gold old Germany. This site seems to be very good to get some new informations about Steelbooks and talk together about this wonderful theme.

I am a Steelbook collector since three years now. It all began with the Fargo Steelbook and ended but not finished with Novamedias Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. For a first impression I'll show you a picture of some of my Steelbooks. 

I'm very excited about the hole Media psychos forum. So I hope I will have a good time here with all of you!

Greetings Chris

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Thank you all for your warm welcome!Can anyone explain me, how i can upload pictures for my introduction? There is a button for medias but nothing for uploading own pictures.

@ukade2327 My favourite Steelbook? That`s realy a tough question :-) I like my Mondo Steelbooks a lot. Drive and Shaun of the dead look really awesome. My non Mondo favourites, are Kimchis Full Slip Leon and Novamedias Full Slip Drive. As you can see i am a huge Drive Fan :-). The greatest Box set i have is Blufans Up special edition.


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I'm not great with the tech side @kwyjibo7 . Here goes . If that doesn't work then tagg Nefilim Hatori or ukade2327 ????.

In the bit where we type you need the paper clip bit "Click to choose files " in German Klicke,hier, um Dateien auszuwählen Andere Medien einfügen Ein Über Antworten benachrichtigen (Inhalt folgen).

you can re use a file once it is already uploaded the choose an existing one ??.

If  you want a Gallery at the top bar before your user name hit the big ➕ scroll down to Bild and a camera ??

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39 minutes ago, kwyjibo7 said:

Thank you scary hair but it doesn't work1f61f.png I really don't know what i'm doing wrong. So maybe i ask another one. But thank you for your help!

You were a "Junior Member".  That may have stopped you from uploading images.

I have just raised your status to "Member". Maybe that will help.

Maybe not ?

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Ok now it worked? But there was only a way in writing a message to someone of the members. And there in the bit was a button for other medias. So now i can usw it here. 

I hope the next question will be easier?

I can not write and go to every forum i want. Like in the german room there is a thread "dies und das" and no button for me to answer. 



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