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Psycho - Zavvi Exclusive Blu-ray Steelbook


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Release Date - 4 September 2017

Price - £24.99 

Purchase Link - Link

Notes - 

Alfred Hitchcock’s landmark masterpiece of the macabre stars Anthony Perkins as the troubled Norman Bates, whose old dark house and adjoining motel are not the place to spend a quiet evening. No one knows that better than Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), the ill-fated traveller whose journey ends in the notorious “shower scene.” First a private detective, then Marion’s sister (Vera Miles) searches for her, the horror and the suspense mount to a terrifying climax where the mysterious killer is fi nally revealed. It took seven days to shoot the shower scene, seventy camera setups and forty-fi ve seconds of this now famous footage - and not an actual bare breast or plunging knife is to be found in the fi nal cut, just illusion through montage.


The Making of Psycho  

In the Masters Shadow:Hitchcocks legacy  


Newsreel footage: The release of Psycho  

The Shower Scenes: With and without music  

The Shower Sequence:Storyboards by Saul Bass  

The Psycho Archives  

Poster and Psycho Ads  

Lobby Cards  

Behind the scenes photographs  

Publicity Shots  

Psycho Theatrical Trailer  

Psycho Re-release Trailers  

Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Lamb to the Slaughter"  

Feature Commentary With Stephen Rebello, author of "Alfred Hichcock and the Making of Psycho."  

Psycho Sound  




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On 9/15/2017 at 5:55 PM, atomicblonde said:

200 copies came back in stock at like 4 in the morning and I only woke up and saw it a mere 2 hours later and it was already sold out again 1f629.png

Available again at amazon.de for only 14,99 Psycho Steelbook

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