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Veum’s Tats

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🥤I just couldn’t wait to show you my new tats (artist was suppose to send me pics he took of these, however I can not wait on him lol 😝)🙏


This is from the 2nd day after I got them yesterday, so a month of healing is necessary, hey 👋 


Without further ado, Veum’s tats debut:


the office drum GIF


Left inside arm/wrist (I plan on 1 more tats on my right inside/wrist in the near future BTW) YEAH :x:) 🤓


image.gif.a86dfc7545620ef56dacde3761f2a171.gif image.gif.8786921b0bc30c19e64076381986dd03.gif image.gif.43ccc1174f188c65f52843ace39278ec.gif 🤙🎤🎸🥁




Stryper - To Hell With The Devil (Live 2018)


Live in Tokyo ... Song "To Hell With The Devil" / Album "To Hell With The Devil" Enigma Records 1986.




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9 minutes ago, Fortis93 said:



@Veum, mate, let me tell you what I see....




4 minutes ago, LeGonze said:

Stryper Rocks!!... 🎸 



Love that pic of Drummer Robert Sweet, he can play my friends 🥁


 Thanks friends @Fortis93 & @LeGonze you guys rock also:x


happy best friends GIF

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1 hour ago, Hollywood E Rock said:



You managed to capture several things that you love in one tattoo, that’s pretty damn cool my friend! Is this the beginning for you, or are you one & done?




TU my Friend @Hollywood E Rock, I’m thinking of one more set on the right underarm/wrist and have another music theme hehe... I’ll let you know if/when this comes to fruition!


1 hour ago, mjk said:

Awesome looking tats my friend 🎸 🤘 !!! 


19 minutes ago, xSNAKExPLISSKENx said:

Being a heavily tattood psycho myself, I approve. Well done @Veum


TU my friends @mjk / @xSNAKExPLISSKENx much appreciated support from you all!

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5 hours ago, Basil said:

@Veum mike thats beautiful and hopefully a good reminder for you always 👍

if that makes sense 👍


Yes @Basil what I had put on both arms, probably comes closest to summing up who I am totally, I'm loving them (probably that's it, only time will tell! 🤔)😇

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