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These unique tumblers (Limited , not numbered) are Double walled and vacuum insulated that keeps heat and cold up to 2x better then those cheap plastic tumblers !

Each metal tumbler is of the highest quality , constructed seamless making it possible to hold ice up to 24 hours!

These were constructed so as to fit in all standard cup holders.

Each tumbler comes with a unique leatherette band around the center and is etched with our Forums Logo . 

Leatherette is a durable faux leather that etches to a different color under the surface. 

Here are the specs summed up for your convience .

20 oz. Tumbler with Leatherette
Lasered with the Media Psychos Logo 
Vacuum Insulated
Exterior Won’t Sweat
Hand washing is recommended!


There are 3 different colors to choose from .......




1. Light Brown (Sand) ($38.99)




2. Rawhide ($38.99)




3. Dark Brown (in hand it is a little lighter and the logo comes better) ($39.99)




Here are limited amounts of these and some have already been taken.  If you are interested in having one of these nice Tumblers to show off to your Family 

and Friends , you can request one here in this Thread .   When they are gone they are gone and will not come back .  Own one of these nice Limited Tumblers 

before they are gone, don't be one of those who later says , I wish i would have purchased one.  


Prices are excluding shipping costs.  Take advantage of our HUB service to save on shipping costs. 



Total Tally as of 18th July 2020 

Sand  21x

Rawhide  23x

Dark Brown  19x



  1. @icewire Germany Sand + Rawhide + Dark Brown  (came in )
  2. @ksosk Singapore Dark Brown (came in) (sent)
  3. @DodgyDave UK Dark Brown (came in)
  4. @blu.steel33 UK Rawhide (came in)
  5. @Count Dantes USA Dark Brown (came in)
  6. @deckard99 USA Sand + Rawhide + Dark Brown (came in) (sent)
  7. @thomue1987 Germany Rawhide (came in)
  8. @extantsrevenge Germany Sand + Rawhide + Dark Brown(came in)
  9. @ukade2327 UK Sand  (came in)
  10. @Scary Hair UK Rawhide + Dark Brown (came in)
  11. @R1s1ngs0n France Rawhide (came in)
  12. @Benoit46 France Dark Brown (came in)
  13. @DParadigm USA Dark Brown (came in)
  14. @mwatkins02 USA Rawhide  (came in)
  15. @Hollywood E Rock USA Sand + Rawhide + Dark Brown (came in) (sent)
  16. @romain France Rawhide  (came in)
  17. @B-bone Sweden Sand (came in)
  18. @cypheria078 France Sand (came in)
  19. @Toapel Germany Dark Brown  (came in)
  20. @Digitale_Kunst Germany Dark Brown (came in)
  21. @StrikerEureka79 UK Rawhide  (came in)
  22. @Ripper Germany Sand (came in)
  23. @Veum USA Sand + Rawhide + Dark Brown (came in) (sent)
  24. @Limited Edition France Sand (came in)
  25. @HappyDude007 USA Sand (came in)
  26. @RileyLad UK Dark Brown (came in)
  27. @Cheaptrick UK Sand + Rawhide + Dark Brown (came in)
  28. @RAK USA Dark Brown  (came in)
  29. @Robertm89 UK Rawhide  (came in)
  30. @CAYENNE-FAHRER Germany Sand + Dark Brown (came in)
  31. @Sotaboy USA Rawhide x2 (came in)
  32. @GANTZ France Sand (came in)
  33. @Grendel Canada Rawhide  (came in)
  34. @kwyjibo7 Germany Rawhide (came in)
  35. @Xeneixe USA Rawhide (came in)
  36. @FromConcentrate USA Rawhide (premium service) (came in)
  37. @Morten Paulsen Norway Sand + Rawhide + Dark Brown (came in)
  38. @Intentcoin USA Sand (came in)
  39. @Jigsaw USA Rawhide (came in)
  40. @LeGonze USA Sand  (came in)
  41. @bearlol France Sand (came in)
  42. @hdblueman UK Sand (came in)
  43. @raylight Germany Sand (came in)
  44. @richard Greece Dark Brown  (came in)
  45. @Mdk14092 USA Rawhide  (came in)
  46. @Phil. Germany Sand (came in)



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